Timothy Sykes – Lesson 6: So Accurate it is Scary

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While I sometimes short sell a pumped up penny stock on its “first big up day”, I usually tend to wait until the 2nd or 3rd day as then my risk is much lower due to early wannabe short sellers having been squeezed and the logic that fewer people will want to buy a penny stock when it’s up 100, 200, 300% in a few days. The exception is when there are few shares to short and it will be unlikely to find available shares to short on those 3nd or 3rd up days so I will sometimes risk some pain and enter my short early, but NEVER a large position due to the risk of further spiking.


John Wann says:

Why don't you update your training videos?

Deatrice Sims says:

How much do you charge Timothy Sykes??

Redo Sco says:

Clearstation is only accessible via E-Trade. Anyone knows a good alternative to that? thanks

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