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Interview with Timothy Sykes


Henry Craig says:

Knowledge supports growth.

TimeFliesBuy says:

I like how Tim's' story doesn't change, certain things evolve but he has been true to the cause since day one, read his book, view his DVDs, read his blogs, I mean how much realer can a guy in his position be? Some of the comments below are from straight up idiots, making predictions that still haven't come true many years later.

NexisFilms says:

Sounded like he was being interviewed by Bill Clinton .. lol

Steve Nett says:

Why do you presume how I feel. You are a buffoon, a caricature, a fool. How do you judge jealousy?

investtoearn says:

Tim, when I see a good pump and dump, I really do get tempted about leveraging (if I can), because I really do want to increase my fair share of investable capital fast. This has come back to bite a couple of times. What is your advice on risk ? I HAVE started protecting from downsides by using a money management calculator to keep losses to the minimum. Sorry I live on the other side off the world, so your help would be much appreciated on this leveraging and risk taking issue.

investtoearn says:

Well this indian has profitted from no one but you Tim 🙂 In fact I lost money for 4 years straight until I recently discovered you and it has been fun making money 🙂 Thanks 🙂

Tomás Ferreira says:

Well i actually wonder how do you have time to answer you comments while you are in another country with models and trading are you mr. fantastic ?

Znergyfinancial says:

I love your videos, your outlook is optimal, and the fact you're still here should be enough for people but its not…

Falling Knife Stocks says:

I love your stuff. Your a blast.


many haters out there, Tim. 🙂

Ashley Hendron says:

pan american lithium….. next best penny stock 2012 …….. thank me in nov. when its 2 bucks

THET2236 says:

so much win

zibtihaj says:

@timothysykesdotcom ok so you are making money even in the down market. Even if you are making some money …than you good. I thought in another clip you said that you were out of the market !

zibtihaj says:

what niche ! ………he is selling books 'cause he can't make money in the market. !

ImC00LyourNOT says:

somebody's jealous

Andrew Shand says:

Yeah, im all over the place, Google forums, Yahoo Boards, Youtube, Seeking Alpha, alias, alias, alias…….

Tim is an absolute fuckwit, but soon it will stop when the SEC reinstates the uptick rule.

sayfaylo says:

The dude on the left sounded like Bill!

ilovestocks85 says:

good stuff, keep it coming tim

observer855 says:

this guy ia an embarassment to the industry.

Matthew Bowler says:

Number one rule I learned from Tim's book…


Number two… If you don't have millions of dollars, play small caps.

Number three… Don't be lazy!

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