Timothy Sykes Review Actual Proof He Is

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This is a Timothy Sykes about his teaching and trade alert service is Tim Sykes real or a scam.

They is a big hype online about Tim Sykes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_sykes he is said to have turned $12,415 of his bar mitzvah money into a couple of millions and it was whilst in was still in university at the beautiful age of 21 years old.

Tim has been teaching his trading technique for some years now on how to buy penny stocks before the break out and how to short(betting against) them when they are just about to take a huge fall.

Having plenty of testimonial from his students who have actually verified profitable trades and even showing their minimal loses it is actually hard to pin this man is a scam. Even his haters don’t say that ,making videos about where stocks will be in the next few days and the stock actually going there it is very silly and you look like a jealous hater when claiming its all lies.

CNN and fox news are even fans of this guy.Where his haters actually get at him is by saying he is a marketer which is pretty silly considering a marketer is some one who sells and a stock trader makes money only when he sells.

The rich are all marketers they all sell something think of one who doesn’t but it isn’t selling that’s bad it is in what you are selling. What his selling actually is proving to change lives would you rather buy that or spend it on something that’s going to keep you at a 9 to 5 and living pay check to check.

Timothy sykes has a number of DVD’s that are on sale lately click through videos link an you’ll be able to buy some. Many are wondering what Timothy sykes net worth is but to be honest we really can’t tell but he has made $4,000,000 in penny stocks trading them on a day basis going long and short.

Life is all about choice success is based on choice you either decide to try and then land on your face or actually succeed live a life you and your family love or you play it totally safe hang around those losers who are watching things happen and are left in awe talking about things that hasn’t got nothing to do with them like did you watch Beverly hill cop 3.

In life they are two types of people those who want to watch Beverly hill cop or those who want to go Beverly hills and shop. its a choice


Jesse B says:

Buying a $650K house with $250K in cash is not a very good investment. Glad to know your not trading penny stocks with $25K in capital.

When your trading for a living as your only source of income. Stay lean and learn to pay for items with cash. When your stuck with hefty monthly bills it could lead to desperation in the market, why can blow an account.

Anmol Nag says:

can you answer a question pls  – what if you don't live in america , like you live in china , india or Indonesia where there is a 10 hour or more time difference ,how is it possible to trade then

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