Timothy Sykes Review – How to Profit From Penny Stocks

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http://www.timothysykesscam.net- Tim Sykes Review
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Timothy Sykes Review – http://tinyurl.com/timothysykesreview
Real Time Trade Alerts by Timothy Sykes
You know how most stock picking newsletters go about the merits of the companies they write about? And their bragging usually leads to a spike in the stock price so you either have to get in early or risk it being too late?

TIMalerts is a different kind of newsletter:
This is my newsletter and I don’t BS anybody, it’s not only unethical, it’s bad business. I trade low priced stocks–usually $1 to $10–and the fact is these are the worst publicly-traded companies in the world, uniformly lacking in solid business fundamentals. The only way their stock prices can move higher is through hype and manipulation…and while others in this joke of a finance industry look down upon them, I embrace them because not only have they made me millions over the past decade, I believe every trader and investor with an account under $50,000 or $100,000 should be trading them because you can use your small size to your advantage down here in the gutter of the stock market.
Once you understand how (see my instructional trading DVDs to learn from over 30 hours of instruction), you’ll discover, it’s far easier to profit from hype and manipulation–and I mean profit legally, just by learning how to spot all the naivety and misinformation–than it is trying to guess a company’s actual business worth and/or the macro-economic picture.
Don’t believe me? I have a few doubters, but their assumptions crumble once they learn that I turned $12,415 into $1.65 million in 4 years (1999-2002), became the #1 ranked short bias hedge fund manager (Barclays, 2003-2005) and after ignoring my trading rules to try to become an investor in 2006 & 2007 (lost 1/3 of my assets…yes, I admit my mistakes openly because I’m not embarrassed, my losses have helped me become an infinitely more conservative trader & better trading teacher/guru), I bounced back in 2008, earning 197% (every trade detailed HERE) as the overall stock market dropped 40%+, becoming the 1 ranked trader, out of 20,000+, on Covestor.com, a website that verifies all trades (and, more importantly, my instructional DVD students & TIMalert subscribers make up nearly 1/3 of the top 100, see the rankings HERE).
There is no other guru (I dare any and all others to share their performance as openly as I do) with that kind of a track record, my personal performance, and that of my students, is unmatched in this joke of an industry filled with frauds, cheats and marketers (kinda like penny stocks!)

My name is Timothy Sykes, a former hedge fund manager (see full bio HERE), author (see book HERE), blogger (read blog HERE), AOL Finance, Yahoo! Finance & Tradingmarkets.com contributor who distrusts all companies, gurus, ANALysts, promoters, investors, traders – basically everyone in finance (that way I’m never disappointed) alike – aiming to alert TIMalert subscribers to actively traded low priced stocks whose setups suggest 10-50% up or down moves within the next few days. That’s right, many picks will be short selling opportunities so you better understand how to short within a few hours or days.

And, be sure to click click the testimonials to see how TIMalert subscribers usually make much more $ than me (often exiting near or at the ideal exit points, which are all within 1-2 days of the alert) because for all my success, past (I turned $12,415 into $1.65 million in 4 years without the use of leverage, just by profiting on thousands of these exact kinds of plays) and present – as the overall market has dropped 20%+), I’m really not that great of a trader, but I do know how to pick ’em!
So what exactly do you get with TIMalerts?
Well, you get access to this members only website and every morning around 8AM EST you will receive an email of pre-market stock watch-list of potential plays. Throughout the day if and when any of those plays, or new plays, look worthy enough to merit a trade by me, I will send out another alert via email and will also be posted on this site in real-time. You also get access to a members-only chat room where you can interact with the other 500+ TIMalerts members.

Basically for $1/day, you get to see how this successful trader makes his mistake-filled yet index-crushing returns in real-time and you can probably do better.
That’s it, no long sales pitch, no BS free trial, you can see my strategy works, that I’m not a total master, but most importantly, you can see all the testimonials from TIMalert subscribers making hundreds and thousands of dollars each day and week… maybe that’s why so many people have already chosen the annual subscription, saving 20%+ over the monthly subscription plan!


Poirier Thusecomang says:

Two of my friends use this softwre with me. we love this software.? Still my favorite is GINO SHEARER DAILY SYSTEM

jamie London says:

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vamshi reddy says:

absolutely right. most of the people are losing their money in penny stocks without much guidance. dont think its funny, my father making lots from penny stocks with the help of these professionals. rush it here –> bit.ly/148GkMZ?=fevhog

Darrell Cole says:

How Do I become one of your students?

Bobur Alimov says:

Shorting is not for me*

Bobur Alimov says:

Hey Tim, I know that your main strategy is shorting, but it is for me. Do you teach other strategies also?

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