Timothy Sykes Seminar In Moscow, Russia Part 4

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Great fun teaching international students, for more mentoring apply at http://tim.ly/sykesmc as Tim has several millionaire students already as featured on FOX/CNN, but is always looking for more


Ian Hare says:

Hi Tim
Please help am having trouble in finding a Penny stock Broker.Do you have any suggestions?

David A. says:

Awesome as usual. Funny. But awesome.

Joao Lopes says:

Hi Tim. I am from Portugal and i want be your student but i do not speak english very well, your videos have subtitules? Please help me i really want. 

okwhitetailhunter1 says:

This is required watching for his "challenge" students. I'm one of them. Don't waste your time watching it. It takes you away from needed learning time. 

Footykid51 says:

Hi Tim, I'm a 16 year old who wants a career in trading. Any tips for starting up? Thanks 

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