TIMOTHY SYKES – Trading Penny Stocks (An American Hedge Fund)

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TIMOTHY SYKES – Trading Penny Stocks (An American Hedge Fund)
Trading service – https://bit.ly/2DNbZz6
Trading Spreadsheet/Calculator – https://bit.ly/3aPfoti

Timothy Sykes is possibly the most famous penny stock trader alive, he has profited multi-millions from trading small cap stocks and became a penny stock millionaire in the process.

He eventually progressed to create a hedge fund but found that he was unable to trade the penny stocks he could as a private stock trader with a smaller trading account.

He took advantage of what is now referred to as the dot com bubble which closely resembles the asset bubble theory.

Timothy Sykes now focuses his attention on teaching other traders to become stock trading millionaires, trading micro cap stocks. His website is profit.ly


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Risk/Reward trading spreadsheet – http://bit.ly/2SXa6ov
Sykes Trading Service – https://bit.ly/2DNbZz6


Financial Wisdom says:

Sykes Trading Service – https://bit.ly/2DNbZz6

Billings Craigslist says:

Great summary! Tim Sykes is the Greatest Showman for penny stocks! Thanks for covering his book. Confirms other people's review / opinion of book. Main lesson of the book – cut losses quickly. Thanks again and keep on reviewing!

timothy morris says:

Thank you for summarizing this book, and I'm not wasting my time buying that book.

Andrew Barrett says:

Sykes is a Marketeer more than a trader. Took a course, and throwing money around was pretty vulgar. Some of his students are real traders now though.

hish vasco says:

I don't believe Thimoty

Hasan Z says:

Sykes’s trading strategy will be much harder for a novice trader to follow than that taught by Mark Minervini and William O’Neil.

Vin Williams says:

Wonderful video, most investors will always tell you that there's no better time to invest in the market than now. I've been into trading for quite a while now, and I must say it really goes with loss without the right approach and strategy. I have gotten to the point where I understand that strategy is a key element of a long term successful trading. You can keep making wins at the beginning of a period and later you start recording losses toward the end of the trading period or even halfway. This results from little or no attention to the need for sustenance and consistency with the prevailing market structure. I've earned impressive profits so far this month trading with Mr. Luka Godfrey's strategies and working with his trading signals and I do that through his registered trading investment company. You may never find it easy trading on your own. If you are tired of losing so much money, I recommend him. He's a really good trader. He can be reached through (Lukagodfrey60@gmail.com)

Ravi Sankar K says:

Great videos from you. Thanks for your time. Is there any way you can do some videos on proven strategies for swing trading or options from these gurus…

Bharath says:

Thanks for the video!…. Because of you I'm making profits now!….Keep up the good work!

Freddy Co says:

I also Day Trade Smallcaps (Penny Stocks)
I've followed many Syke's students and many just chase the stock with bad entries
An example would be TAOP on July 31 (the day after KODK went Supernova from 17 to 60)
TAOP released news and was a recent reverse Split so it is now a low float. The best entry at mrk open was between 2.70 and 3 since that pre-market high as support… TAOP ran all the way to 15 within a couple hours. I saw on Twitter some of his students going long in the 11's (very high risk entry seeing it ran 7$ without a pullback) and selling in the 13's… Yes, they made money but in a very risky manner.
Entries need to be precise and I only go long when I know Shorts are trapped and need to cover (previous resistance as new support)

umut alper Yıldırım says:

Great, thanks a lot.

Cameron Cobb says:

Please do Wall Street Money Machine by Wade Cook. It is not as popular but I thought it was a decent book

The Investment Doctor says:

That was an awesome video. Thanks for the effort in making it. The most important message I got is to cut your losses short. Like Jesse Livermore said, NEVER ARGUE WITH THE TAPE.

William Konarzewski says:

Fascinating study of trading psychology. Many useful takeaways. I was particularly struck by the difference between Sykes' success as an individual trader and his relative failure when he started a hedge fund. Many thanks for another excellent production. And yes, 2 stars was a fair verdict (your lowest rating so far I believe).

Saurabh Choudhary says:

Hey, i wanted to ask you if you trade penny stocks, if not then what do you trade options, futures, stocks, forex or commodities. And are you a swing trader or day trader. Hope you will reply.

Saurabh Choudhary says:

This video took very long but it was a great video. 👏👏👏

James Arnold says:

I started my own trading lately I bet you, if it wasn't the help of an expert Mr. Calos Benjamin , i would have been receiving with swindlers pretending to be real genuine traders.

Make Money T says:

Wow .. I love this but im just getting started❤❤❤💝💝💝 I Lost my job because of the pandemic so i started this YouTube channel about making money online. i need your support or just Wish me luck!!!👍)

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