Today in Bitcoin (2017-07-25) – Merrill Lynch & More Options

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Merrill Lynch Plots Bitcoin’s Path to Global Legitimacy

LedgerX Just Gave Us Another Way to Bet Against Bitcoin

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Oh no! They stole your meme

Greg Rowles says:

Dude, you need to just get to the point; your introductions stink, you sound like a bad actor who doesn't understand the script! LOL (no offence, just get it done)

Gestet Ner says:

Tone sounds like he just woke up on these shows while he's touring the west coast. He's likely lost a lot of sleep.

Gestet Ner says:

Phneep is on the BTC team. He must've been completely & utterly disgusted by his art meme theft by BCC.
Nice cease & desist take down notice delivered by you guys Thomas!

WMI News says:

Keep the devils out of bitcoin- big mistake

TRT Today says:

cool T TV , don't trust verify .. rage on .. Tone where can i verify that number indicator
to learn more about it ,, tia

TRT Today says:

cool new news feed Thomas and crew strong work

victorvazco says:

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Elvis S says:

My prediction: BCC opens with high price initially and brings down BTC price. Then as everyone trades their BCC for BTC, the BCC price will start dropping significantly and we'll see a sharp rise in BTC price as people buy. After that, BCC will slowly fade into obscurity. Basically, I don't expect to be able to make much, if any profit from trading BCC for BTC. I think it'll most likely break even. Even if you never trade your BCC, I think you'll be fine because I expect BCC to drop to virtually nothing and BTC to be nearly unaffected in the long run.

Derek Oldfield says:

Finally, a breath of fresh air. Great commentary. Thanks.

Crypto BR says:

12:15 LMFAO

rlevy2010 says:

Hey, guys, buy bitcoins!

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Michael Somerville says:

Merrill Trench and other funds will get in and position movement for profits. Meaning, the same thing they do in tech stocks – they will buy and short – little people will lose.

Gary Winehouse says:

Bitcoin price is slowly crashing right now. I predict it drops down to 1500 over the next week.

Crypto Dummy says:

Good informative short video's Thomas love your guests.

Mr Zilch says:

damn meme thieves…

damujen says:

8 is regarded in chinese culture to be a very auspicious number. Could it be that they made this choice based on superstition?

Luke Townley says:

I'm looking forward to selling my free new altcoin BCC. Is it called bitcoin Crap or Crash ?

VoodooD0g says:

i really enjoy this show, but:
tone is just so awefull, deleting comments on his channel, throwing out 50 predictions per video while beeing right on 5 of them and calling himself an awesome future teller…

TCELL OG says:

Only crypto news channel I can trust.

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