Today in Bitcoin (2017-07-30) – Slush Pool, India reject the fork – Coinbase Withdrawal Delays

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Slush Pool Will Not Support Bitcoin Cash in August 1 Hard Fork

Fork Watch: Indian Bitcoin Exchanges Will Not Support ‘Bitcoin Cash’ – Bitcoin News

Coinbase Users Face Bitcoin Withdrawal Delays of 12 Hours or More

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Joy Within says:

Who the Hell are these so call people and why are they creating another Bitcoin… Someone please tell me…? This will cause confusion at the lease … I'm not an expert, but why, will people trust bitcoin, if this can happen? If people lose their money because of this fork … I think the purpose of Bitcoin will be defeated… Whats the different between this happening and the Gov … banks … or who else want to play this money game of control ~

JohnEnergy2012 says:

Your internet issues are like being In a underdeveloped country… It's retarded. Get your shit sorted!

Zinctwentyone says:

Can you do a video on how to get the BCC if you have your money in Electrum? Would be appreciated.  Many folks I know also have no clue how to actually get the BCC after the fork and BTC is inside Electrum. Looking for a step by step.

H K says:

Good Audio ! thanks

D K says:

So being that you automatically get bcc if you have btc does it work in reverse? Will you get more btc if you buy bcc after aug 1st?

Jay Sha says:

I withdrew several transactions from one of my online wallets this week to an address on my ledger nano s. They have all been pending for several days and I do not even see them registered on the blockchain. But when I look at my online wallet they read as PENDING. Why is this? Someone please help.

Tony Smith says:

Perfect sound thomas in the UK. ?

Joost MIT says:

your audio is perfect!

Sundin Berg says:

I have my Bitcoin in a keepkey. Come Aug 1, what do I have to do to get my bitcoin cash coins? Nobody is talking about this.

Vention1MGTOW says:

The only reason for coinbase to delay handing over your bitcoins is if they are running short. That meant they are acting like a fractional reserve bank

theAbeElement says:

India may not be embracing Bcash but China certainly is

moto2kx2 says:

"Original Electrum" is not supporting Bitcoincash. Do an internet search for yourself!

arnis zargarian says:

You damn right Ima subscribe. Keep this shit coming

Photono van Lichten says:

So let´s expect more hardforks like this 😀 Or let´s say…..uuhhh i wanna make a copy of the btc history since 2009 but with 8mb blocks. This is not a fork in my eyes, that word doesnt fit. A hardfork in my eyes is an irreversible update in one and the same blockchain executed by a majority….hmmm. this is stupid. but most important. i dont think it´ll damage BTC at all.

Tom says:

Perfect audio today! Thanks!

NichoTBE says:

Remember that if you want to sell your BCC and your BTC is in a private wallet such as Electrum, for safety, you should send your BTC to a NEW Electrum address with a different set of private keys or you risk your BTC when you transfer the BCC to an exchange because they have the same private keys. So just to be safe, transfer your BTC to a new address before you do anything with your BCC sh1tcoin.

Jason Villagran says:

Still didn't hear what I was hoping for… Fear and loathing. Perhaps some Lou Reed or Bob Dylan lyrics.

Bitcoin Ascent says:

The audio does sound better on this one… But you still have the scaling info wrong.

SegWit is NOT locked at 100%…. The miners are signaling at 100%
SegWit will NOT be fully activated on Aug 8th….. That's when it will be locked in.
Then there will be a 2016 blocks of grace period (about 2 weeks).
Then, around Aug 21 SegWit will be active (LIVE) on the network.

John Smith says:

so what happens to coins left in coinbase tomorrow???

John Smith says:

what is "Bitcoin cash"?

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