Today in Bitcoin (2017-08-07) – Bitcoin $3,400, could it go to $10K?

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‎3385.95 USD / BTC – Average United States Dollar Bitcoin Price

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jarek banek says:

youtube com/watch?v=nYQFgoSB468 Get your BCH Bitcoin Cash for free from 01.08.2017

b1EiGhT72 says:

best cloud mining with discount 😉 and lifetime mining contract from $13,50 for bitcoin 😉

Retired in Samar says:

Wall Street should be worried… Market Cap Rising!

Barry Dutton Sells Homes says:

Much mooning. You know what people CAN'T argue with? The fact that on the nite of The Forkening / livestream when all this happened – the market cap started rising for the first time in weeks back up and blew past the $116B range – and kept going. In the last 2-3 hours or so –it crossed the $120B for the first time ever. I don't find any of this coincidence.

deepak lama says:

Today in Bitcoin (2017-08-07) – Bitcoin $3,400, could it go to $10K…?? See the Link:

Chapo Rosaro says:

Hello guys. I have my bitcoin in a paper wallet, how can i get both bitcoin and bitcoin cash? Thanks

Guy Fawkes says:

Here is a scenario. If you had to choose only ONE, which situation would you rather be in? Situation 1: You have 0.5 BTC valued at $1682. Or situation 2: You have 6.23 ETH valued at $1682

D K says:

Tone sounds rattled.

Javier PO says:

PUMP channel telegram

Laurier B says:

could it go to 10k is the wrong question and the wrong approach….

The real, the only question, should be; " can it go to 0 ? " .

Knowing that it can not go lower than 0 is about the only safe way to develop a winning strategy.

10k is just hopeful dreaming but it is not an unlikely possibility. Neither is 100k but both are serious if any investor over leverages this crypto at 3300 or at any price.

another question ???

If you get in at 3300 and it goes to 1500 do you then cost average the bitcoin ??

1500 to zero is still a bust !!!!

Baron Mate says:

Neo best hold to buy in 2017-2018 <3

Chris Priest says:

When the price goes up it's because of segwit. When the price goes down, it's because of Bitmain and Roger Ver.
World Segwit Shill Network.

braddockakalatis2 says:

0:55 You mean January?

Greg Mccurdy says:

Some one please explain to me why BTC is better than LTC??? I have been waiting hours for 6 conf on my BTC transaction and it costs me a substantial amount more to send.

Jason S says:

Does this have any founding, could BTC be following moores law

Tom Walker says:

Actually BCH on Kraken has reached over $400… anyone feeling stupid yet? I hear crickets… only crickets

Ashton Ware says:

would love that indicator!!

Joseph Cavallaro Jr. says:

I'm holding until it goes up to at least $550-600 until I can sell it all for BTC

Hainezy says:

Do we know exactly how much cheaper and faster segwit will make transacting? If it is in anyway lackluster it could be a sell the news event no?

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