Today in Bitcoin (2017-08-14) – Bitcoin $4250 – Where is the top? – Blockstream Satellites?

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4248.86 Bitstamp BTC/USD – BitcoinWisdom

$4,205.11USD / BTC | Winkdex

Bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum price: Bitcoin breaks $4,000 – Business Insider

GOLDMAN SACHS: Here’s when we’ll know bitcoin’s top is in – Business Insider

Bitcoin Satellites? Blockstream Hints at “Coming” First Release

Bitcoin: Coinbase Becomes First Cryptocurrency ‘Unicorn’ |

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Jeremy Sager says:

0:43 Top stories
2:31 Tone Vays – Market update
7:48 S-Curve

Peter Decker says:

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Antonio Greene says:

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Joe Pusher says:

Best bitcoin newscast and analysis.

CR0ZZA says:

I wanna invest into bitcoin using coinbase but it on let's me put in 100£ each week… anyone know why I can't add more then that?

zack bandera says:

Tone Veys. How do i get that indicator for time analysis. On trading view its invite only. Im a cool guy. Invite me. Ha ha

Robert Townsend says:

Hold BTC until countries, central banks, and you and I can trade BTC for Precious Metals. That will be the inflection point.
Only universal money can trade against universal money. We can end 'currency wars' once everybody can trade…. Countries trading in BTC, people trading in Satoshis.
The goal is value/price equilibrium at the global AND local level.
But for now, Price is irrelevant. Focus on Value.

Zombie Killa says:

correction incoming

Robert Townsend says:

Price of bitcoin is irrelevant.
Value is everything. No other "market" offers true price discovery… there are no unmanipulable markets…. other than bitcoin.
The key here is the ability to trade PMs (allocated and authenticated in non-bank storage)
on the bitcoin blockchain. This wil break loose from artificial "price controls" and buyers and SELLERS can engage in free trade on the bitcoin blockchain, peer-to-peer.
Not "gold-backed bitcoin" but the inverse – blockchain-backed PMs.
Pretty sure Charlie Lee has figured this out.

Keith Knight says:

$4500 – $5000 should be significant. Many traders will set this as a target. Most likely shorts could enter. If it drops $3500 would be a 50% fib line from the last recent run and wouldn't be unrealistic for a pullback.

donny rye says:

About 50 Queens at 2500 per coin I want to have her sale people are buying bit coin to hold it forever

Wak Cackle says:

how does claiming bitcoin cash affect the market? Or adversly how does not claiming it affect the market?

Geoff Gartner says:

Thomas, Your radio voice is good. It will get better, with all our encouragement! Keep doing what you're doing!

MINO says:

Tons is taking no time off. Hat off to him

ImSoGonzo says:

Haha, Tone Vays's avatar makes me laugh

Gerald Dalton says:

Coinbase customer service sucks. Locked out of my account and no one will respond. Horrible company

Burner Fire says:

The WCN went live and the fucking price crashed a hundred bucks in two minutes..

Roy Wessbecher says:

Yeah, we are still way down on the adoption curve. Speculation is running the show – and maybe even hurting adoption? – but at least it makes people more aware of Bitcoin…

KonaChuck22 says:

@ Tone Vays. Your 4 to 5 weeks of upside implies some sort of price range right? With the lowest part of that range at $4200? And the upper part of that range at______?

donny rye says:

Top is 1 million plus buy and hold fools

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