Today in Bitcoin (2017-08-16) – Jim Cramer: Bitcoin could reach $1 Million Dollars

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Jeremy Sager says:

0:27 Top stories
2:22 Bitcoin poem

J L says:

That is so stupid. They should check their math before they spout such numbers out of their ass.

super4papi says:

Don't miss the bitcoin poem. It gives me goosebumps all over, wtf

David Lee says:

In the last 2 days, you, Jimmy, and Tone all seem a little more hesitant to marginalize Bitcoin Cash. Why the change of tune? Oh that's right… $2.5 fees and a days-long mempool backup. Hmm… I feel a flippening coming.

Patrick Young says:

A cashless society where everything and everyone is connected to a 5g grid. If you dont go along with this new system you're on your own.

Gestet Ner says:

Jim Cramer Is Completely Insane… And Says Bitcoin Is Going to $1 Million

Pat Mac says:

I guess its time to jump ship

baddtundra says:

This is old recycled news …Jim Cramer made this quote on June 7th….. not new news..

Roy Wessbecher says:

Damn, that street poet is right on the money! 🙂

Crypto Kevin says:

You know what's seriously wrong with Paypal? Central control. They can decide arbitrarily to freeze your funds and your account. NOTHING like the freedom of bitcoin.

zack bandera says:

I gave you a like, a share, and then I pasted the link into stock twits SPY feed LOL

Paul Carr says:

Kramer Kreamer. Too much exitement.

Luiz Cláudio says:

#Bitcoin poem made-me cry =***)

KonaChuck22 says:

I think Cramer's argument is pretty weak.Those hackers collected about $100k in Bitcoin so far, maybe pushing Bitcoin price up a few pennies. However, at this point, any kind of media attention is positive for Bitcoin adoption/speculation/price.

Marijn Nieu says:

Absolute cult hero

Lee Davis says:

Ok, if Cramer thinks it can reach a million, then maybe we should consider that we're in a bubble :p

SanktGallus says:

sorry the poem sounds not very good, it is more a proof of faith like in church. jim morrison and many others did real poems…

SanktGallus says:

where is jimmy? lost in the kitchen?

Spencer Hanson says:

Buying bitcoin in case your company's services get hacked is acting out of fear. Have courage, do the hard thing, learn how to archive and ALSO to restore, do them soon and do them often, until you are so confident that you could recover from a disaster that it no longer seems scary and the process becomes easy. Then, rinse and repeat for your other fears. (still… keep buying and holding bitcoin, we all appreciate the added demand and reduced supply).

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