Today in Bitcoin (2017-08-20) – Could Bitcoin reach $619,047 in 10 years?

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Each Bitcoin Could Be Worth $619,047 In 10 Years

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Jeremy Sager says:

0:31 Top stories
2:20 Richard Heart – Bcash
8:26 Tone Vays – Market update
14:02 Richard Heart – Price pump
15:45 Tone Vays – Hash rates
17:42 Richard Heart – Miners not needed

star fire says:

Earn Bitcoins


Richard is right in a broader sense that seemingly everything Ver says these days is some sort of emotive half true red herring.

Casey T says:

"only occuring on one set of exchanges in a country where most people don't speak english is also very odd"

Wow, great technical analysis.

Dwayne Jackson says:

you bitcoin maximalist Dorks are going down with this old slow bitcoin you like tom from MYSPACE HAHAHHAHA

Dwayne Jackson says:

no problems are you kidding me fees are still high and its still slow as shit
fuck bitcoin

Michael Tan says:

Im trying to understand how this bitcoin works. I remember it was $4450 last thursday and 4 days later (today 8.21.17) its $3,689??? Thats a big ass drop in 4 days!! a 17% drop – sounds like a currency collapse. Lol Is that even a real currency? You tell me! Financial experts please advise me! Advise me!!

William Fayen says:

Why should it be "illegal" to buy a currency to pump it up?

David Nilsson says:

HEY! Give me your opinions on investing in Bitcoin right now, i'm aware that the value will eventually crash but in the long term, do you think it's worth it? I'm currently thinking about wating until the next "crash" so i can buy more of Bitcoins for a cheaper price. PLEASE do give all your suggestions, warnings, tips etc. etc. Thanks!

J L says:

These guys are scared. They know Bitcoin death spiral is a thing. You can tell their asses are burning.

Rael Kaz says:

Why are they so salty lol maybe bitcoin cash will replace bitcoin that will suck ?

Lucasworthmaster says:

Lol, correlation does not equal causation… talk about a one sided debate. lmfao


Can anybody tell me please where I can get some easy to understand beginner tutorials on buying and selling bitcoin? Thanks 🙂

Fredrik says:

Thanks for another interesting analysis. But, Richard, Your camera is a bit too close up.

wisdom golf says:

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Chad Guest says:

The Koreans are panicking because of rumor of war. The Japaneses use Bitcoin a lot for trivial stuff. so BitcoinCash seems very usefull to them with low fees again.. makes sense.. It will grab traction very soon. who doesn't want low fees.. that's the free Market at work. BitcoinCash is a Honey pot at low fees.

Dean JVR says:

You can transfer as many bitcoins as you want without using the blockchain. All you do is create a wallet put the Bitcoins you want to give to a trusted party in it give the whole wallet to your friend with the password then he can just change the password and use the Bitcoins as he wish. That transaction will not register on the block chain. But you can only do it with trusted parties.

Business Momo says:

What's with $619, 047?? LOL. Why not just say $600,000, $610,000 or $620,000?

Crypto Baller says:

We all hear a lot of speculation about the future price of Bitcoin. But rarely in that same predictive argument do we hear mention of the predictive state of that global economy that that $619,047 Bitcoin will be trading in. Let's take for example a hyperinflated economy, in 10 years, where the fiat dollar is trading at 0 to 0.05% on the dollar. How much would that $619,047 BTC be worth to us?

Natalie Cooksammy says:

Another question – Isn't BCC considered to more centralised because it costs more to mine the bigger block, so fewer people can afford it, meaning fewer miners? If that is the case, surely the issue is not with BCC (which can be mined anywhere but anyone with equipment) – but why is electricity so expensive, especially in the West? Maybe we should look at the power companies and the Govt? The crypto world shd look to break their monopoly not fight within itself, blaming two factions of the same coin…. isn't this just divide and conquer by institutions?

Finally, new people in the space do not have any feeling about split coins (bitcoin, Ethereum etc), they are just interested in what they can do – which market forces will determine. My advice (for what it is worth), if you want new people to subscribe to your channel, don't be so biased. Explain both sides, and then conclude…. You don't want the reputation like Fox News..

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