Today in Bitcoin (2017-09-01) – Bitcoin $4800, New All Time High – F2Pool Defects from 2X Hardfork

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$4,817.68USD / BTC | Winkdex,bitfinex,bitstamp,gemini,itbit&range=1D

F2Pool Reneges: Bitcoin Pool Pulls Segwit2x Support Over Hard Fork – CoinDesk

$4,880: Bitcoin Price Climbs to Another All-Time High – CoinDesk

Crypto exec says bitcoin is in a bubble — but it could still hit $5 trillion market cap – MarketWatch—-but-itll-still-hit-5-trillion-market-cap-2017-08-31

Bitcoin’s nearly five-fold climb in 2017 looks very similar to tech bubble surge

How Bitcoin’s Retail Champion Rolls With Volatile Punches

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Mad Bitcoins [NO2X] on Twitter: “#Bitcoin does not need a 2X hardfork. #NO2X”

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Mad Bitcoins [NO2X] on Twitter: “Honey Badger #bitcoin #NO2X”

Mad Bitcoins [NO2X] on Twitter: “They made a deal in the boardroom but there was a Honey Badger in the building. #bitcoin #NO2X #NYA #segwit”

Segwit support – Bitcoin Wiki

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Mathew Beattie says:

Wife closed door as Jimmy's too loud ?

Geo Vine says:

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Joel Rascon says:

Okay guys. I'm all in. Tone's prediction was spot on and I bought at the drip, 4600, and ALL IN. If a crash happens, I'm unsubscribing.

Duke Dude says:

Fuck bitcoin. It brings nothing but chaos to crypto.

Emerosn M says:

Pra quem twm telegram ,,,esse paga viu!
Demora mais paga ,porque é um tipo de mineração!
Entre ,clique em menu,coontratar,contrata o peimeiro robozinho!
Dai pra frente é só suscesso???

Limbo Drones 4 FPV Noobs says:

Why are those people hosting this,
complete noobs, when it comes down to using a Trezor or Ledger?
Trezor got hacked.
Ledger is about to being hacked.
So… my QUESTION is:
Should I keep my BTC coins on original chain, or segwit ?
(because I got by now, bch,btc,btcseg)

Kax Gua says:

Here's a prediction: Bitcoin will hit $6,000 + by the end of next week.

Steven amos says:

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Stankonia3k says:

Poor 2Xers lol…watch as the bottom begins to fall out of your little coup attempts.

Loosecannon Recordings says:

Re plane travel my Sarah says to out a small amount of Vaseline around the inside of you nose as that help to stop contagious bugs in the cabin !.. . Well I've been ill yet !! ✌️

John Stuart says:

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Some Guy says:

The problem with btc is that needs miners and they are mafia

Jangaleez Massive says:

So what should i do? do i keep by segwit address or go back to the legacy chain? I have a ledger nano s and don't know what to do xD

Jet Blake says:

Yes Ledger does SegWit transactions

Estevan Palacio says:

I live in Texas and have family that really needs help. It's sad. If anyone can donate even a,couple dollars, please help. Thank you

Chuck Noris says:

Good job man. Keep up the good work!

Wak Cackle says:

Don't wax earplugs pull out your ear-hairs?

Jeremy Sager says:

0:24 Top stories
4:17 Jimmy Song – Scaling/Mining / 2X agreement / BCash mining at a loss

Paula Green says:

Dear World Crypto Network, please can you support 2X so that the price crashes? I would like to buy some more Bitcoin but cannot without a ladder. Please make Bitcoin come back down to earth because it may fall and hurt it's self. Yours gratefully, Potty Paula x

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