Today in Bitcoin (2017-09-04) – China Declares ICOs Illegal – Russia News – Bitmain Investors

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China’s Central Bank Declares Initial Coin Offerings Illegal – Bloomberg

Chinese ICOs: China bans fundraising through initial coin offerings, report says

Bitcoin: Digital currency price falls on China ICO ban

Russia Opens First Criminal Case Involving Bitcoin

Russia May Ban Bitcoin Mining In Residential Homes Over Electricity Costs, Heating

Sequoia, IDG to Invest in China Bitcoin Mining Giant – Bloomberg

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dav says:

They will ban bitcoin overnight, what are you going to do then? Go to jail for trading bitcoin? Do you really think they will allow the web to control the money?? Are you people so naive? You have already lost all your money

rallotube1511 says:

Isn't the whole idea is not to need central banks? So what if banks ban it

William Fernandez says:

Jimmy looks like the blind kung fu guy from Marco Polo.

Mr. Jay Jay says:

I don't think the regulations are a good thing. The regulations are a key factor to the old fiat systems failing. I'm not even sure by regulating ICO's in china that they will even accomplish much, just launch the ICO's in one of the many other countries that have very relaxed legal systems. I do however worry about laws on the physical aspects of BTC. If they were to regulate mining they could really mess with hash power of many block chains. China is definitely one to watch as it holds high stakes in the crypto world, with both users and miners.

Maris Lukasevics says: Very nice profit. Dont sleep!

Robert Berman says:

I believe what Tone was talking about when he talked about centralisation was that for the masses many still need somebody to hold their hand for many don't believe that the government is against them at this point. Soon the hundredth monkey will happen.

Robert Berman says:

I believe there's a lot of money out there that needs a home and will find its way back on the market and into Bitcoin where the Grand Daddy of crypto awaits!!

AboveasBelow says:

When it comes to stopping ethereum, Tone Vays fully endorses statism.

Jolly Joker says:

I would like to be positive on bitcoin but I have no idea how it justify's its price. 21 million bitcoin at 4500 for 200k transactions a day. If a few countries outlaw this .. .its gonna get interesting. If your in early. consider yourself lucky. Just my opinion. Your welcome to keep buying.

alberto temporin says:

Goldman Sachs' chart analyst Sheba Jafari said in a Sunday report that bitcoin could reach $4,827, about $500 more than Monday's record high above $4,300.
Once bitcoin hits that level, Jafari estimates it could drop as far as $2,221.

yes because jafary knows ( because was the club of 300 to order the law) that china wiil be blocked cryptocurrency and other country wiil do the same thing because cryptocurrency make lose money to all centrale banke and every state that are controlled by central bank don't allow to lose money at central bank but only allow to lose money to all common people because they are slaves and central banke are the god the royal family. and they don't allow the slave to stand up

Noiz says:

Bitcoin is growing, get interest daily.

flavio_t_BR says:

I'm making a big effort to believe in Tone's optimism towards the chinese government

Abba Okoro says:

USA is the leader of finance due to the USD being strong for the past 100 yeara wtf

Thomas Quarrell says:

Question for topic ""If China are going to declare ICOs including BTC & ETH as Illegal should they not also Morally ban Companies (Chinese Miners) who are profiting of this apparently illegal activity also ? Seems very double standard to me that the Chinese Government can profit through Taxation of these companies that are operating Mining & Collecting Fee's in this illegal activity.

Andy Anderson says:

Same old story, same old song and dance my friend.

Steve says:

Just took advantage of the great sale today:)

modelmark says:

Sure, count on the Chinese leadership to 'clean things up' as they cleaned up 40 million people.

CryptoAnarchy says:

NEO will be fine and prevail, buy now while blood is in the streets, don't let your emotions control you.

Christian Anthony says:

Going great!

william mckeever says:

You realize that this crash may bode well for Bitcoin Holders don't you?

Crypto freaks may shun ICOs and trash coins for the real thing "Bitcoin!"

Think about it.

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