Today in Bitcoin (2017-09-18) – U.S. Bill Introduced – Crazy ICOs – India – Bitcoin $25,000?

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U.S. Bill Would Ease Bitcoin Tax Regulations for Small Transactions

India Considers Issuing Its Own Bitcoin-Like Cryptocurrency as Legal Tender – Bitcoin News

‘Crazy’ ICOs are driven by Bitcoin millionaires who need to diversify but don’t want to pay tax

Bitcoin scam alert: ICO coin sale fraud warning for investors from FCA | City & Business | Finance |

Why Wall Street Analyst Sees Bitcoin Price Surging to $25k

Crypto Asset Visualizer turns your bitcoin into an AR pile of cash | TechCrunch

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Sarah Ross says:

Cool thanks for sharing! I recently wrote a research paper on Bitcoin for college and asked my economics professor his opinion of Bitcoin and he predicts the price of Bitcoin will reach $15,000-$20,000 each by end of 2018 and up to $50,000 or higher by 2021

Zt Cedric says:

the moment governments try and start issuing their own crypto is the moment governments indirecly approve Bitcoin's fundamental technology and so for that there is no actual reason to create a knock off crypto in the first place ..

Alex Thiessen says:

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Quadriga CX is Canada's longest running bitcoin exchange and since it's inception, has never been hacked or compromised. They also have an active pressence on the subreddit /bitcoinCA should you need to get in contact with them.

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kraizy NOBi says:


Lina Tan says:

just got into the game, really hope that i'm still early… =x

Rob Ellis says:

Technically the IRS has jurisdiction over the property of the FED. Bitcoin is not their property and is or should never be in that category.

Thomas Hdh says:

Whats with the show "this week in cryptos"? Will there be a third season? I miss it!

sciflyer67 says:

Danke! Guten abend.

Uwaya Hillary says:

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TRT Today says:

zeer goed stuff fff

kellerr13 says:

I'm an I.T. professional that have been in the field for over 30 years and I specialize in Penetration testing and computer forensics.

If you believe Bitcoin or other crypto currencies are a good thing, then you have been fooled by the New World Order. You are just as fooled as those that believe Apple and Google when they talk about how secure their phones are. (Not secure from them).

All crypto currencies are the biggest threat we have ever faced on our planet. You can't eliminate government intervention, and that is the problem because once you are addicted to the new drug, you will run to whoever is the only one offering it.

Of course they will control the block chain and once they know what your account is, they will be able to track you every place you go, and will be able to prevent you from buying ANYTHING.

Imagine what happens if a Pol-pot comes to power and decides your child needs "re-education". You can either comply (and watch your child die) or run, or fight. You can't run when the blockchain ledger identifies your every position on the fly. And you can't fight when you can be prevented from buying guns, ammo, medicine, food, all you can do is wait for the goons to show up and kill your child in front of you.

If you aren't willing to disgard the money you could make with Bitcoin, then I say you are not really willing to fight the NWO, because the fight is right in front of you now, and you are ignoring it.

dan gould says:

Anyone who refers to criminals as financal authorities is a child. The children of bitcoin will kill it for sure

Ozzy says:

I can read the news myself. This channel is usually much better. This show has become a scam for donations.

Peter Murphy says:

Show me my bitcoin in Apartment blocks and Ferraris. Not depreciating fiat!

Jason Sellers says:

Start an episode with "Bonan matenon, Bitcoin!" (Esperanto for "Good morning, Bitcoin!"). Only then will the World Crypto Network be truly global. ?

Citta Dhammo says:

The IRS will be getting the same from me as they get every year – ZILCH

Dragan Kleut says:

whenever somebody start talking about volatility I just show him this graph where you can clearly see that volatility is declining

reedmak77 says:

Thanks Thomas!!!


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