Today in Bitcoin (2017-09-23) – Bitcoin could surpass Apple Tulipmania! Dandelions and Amir Taaki

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Strategist predicts bitcoin, digital currency trading volume will ‘soon surpass’ Apple’s

Bitcoin Developers Reveal Roadmap for ‘Dandelion’ Privacy Project – CoinDesk

Bitcoin is like Tulipmania, says ECB vice-president

Radical Academy: Amir Taaki’s New Hacker Team Is Spreading Bitcoin in Syria – CoinDesk

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Tagnar says:

Tone are you ok? There was an attack in London.

สมปอง มาลาบุญ says:

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B Little says:

Blocknet has been doing swaps for quite some time now.

Christopher Vincent says:

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Glen Pearce says:

BarterDEX is near launch for the average user, decentralized atomic swaps exchange between bitcoin and dozens of other coins.

Johnny Lingo says:

Tone Awesome analysis today!

Sonix711 says:

Cheers guys – great vid – look forward to the next one !!! am off to watch Off Chain now !!! 🙂 Cheers !!! 🙂

Sonix711 says:

"Tulips still cost money – they never went to zero" !!! 🙂 F A F !!! 🙂

Sonix711 says:

Translated – Yo Yo BTC 🙂

MEN IN BLACKGOO Blackgoo says:

Never trust the filthy Arab

Aaron Ainslie says:

Especially at this early stage of cryptocurrencies fundamentals are much more important than the technical price movements!

William Adams says:

Are you filming in a bomb shelter?

JohnEnergy2012 says:

Buy iPhone 8 or X and stop shaky video Tone…

chrisiden says:

*****BREAKING NEW!!! Attack in LONDON,.. someone check on TONE! NOT A JOKE!

chrisiden says:

*******SCAM ALERT!!!!! Someone here is impersonating WCN and asking for Money!
Dont B Fooled and report immediately!

Ben Hannabuss says:

"In London everyone is different, and that means anyone can fit in." ~Paddington Bear

Robert Kennedy says:

It looks like Tone is near Barbican

Derek Mahar says:

On-chain atomic swaps are probably too slow to accommodate the high trading volumes that centralized cryptocurrency exchanges process, but they'd work well for larger OTC trades.

Cryptoinsect says:

love you @tonevays

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