Today in Bitcoin News (2017-10-01) – $4M Bitcoin Bet – Fed Chief vs IMF Chief – Bitcoin Victory

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$4,300.36USD / BTC | Winkdex,bitfinex,bitstamp,gemini,itbit&range=1D

Kyle Torpey on Twitter: “Update: It’s now 1000 BTC ($4 million) and it’s @rogerkver vs @SatoshiLite @bendavenport @morcosa and @TuurDemeester”

Philly Fed Chief: Bitcoin Has Little Chance of Thwarting Monetary Policy – CoinDesk

IMF Chief Lagarde Tells Central Bankers: “Not Wise to Dismiss Virtual Currencies” – Bitcoin News

A Victory For Bitcoin

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Al Brooks says:

stellios skouloudis says:

Matter fact I just traded all my bcash for litecoin ??

stellios skouloudis says:

Maybe tone can answer this one for me.
I am totally new to economics and stocks and how money flows in a economy. But I know enough to understand and be confused why bcash is worth more then litecoin? Litecoin can be spent in more places online and locally for starter?‍♂️..? I can find more places to spend my Litecoin then bcash.

Artem S says:

When Cliff High predicted back in may-june (price was ~ 900), if my memory good, 6-7k by february 2018. It felt a bit unrealistic, to say the least. Now, it feels that Bitcoin could rocket to 15-35 k next year when big money, and I hope smart one, steps in a crypto market.

stellios skouloudis says:

I still don’t understand how bitcoin cash is worth more then Litecoin. Just think about it ?‍♂️?.

Nagarjun Roy says:

When an big recession is around the corner, things that do not move can be a real good thing! Cause then you can put your money in there and hope it does the same thing that it did for 100 years and not move at all.

Jeff Monaghan says:

Not necessary to curse, Tone.

Ashraff secp256k1 says:

love the shirt

Great Gazoo says:

Tone has a toner. : )

Liberty or Death says:

Why would I spend any crypto right now? I'll spend the fiat because it will continue to depreciate, unlike most blue chip crypto. At some point we will start to spend, but only after it hits 6 figures. Sorry, but it would be incredibly stupid to spend BTC or LTC or whatever on a sub sandwich when it's going to continue on a bull run for the next several years. Smart money saves for now imo

Cyber Time says:

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Advanced Wall Structures says:


Johann Wolf says:

Tone, thanks for bringing up the SAVING topic we talked about. I think it boils down to 2 camps – if most of ones savings or income is in BTC… then one has incentive to spend it. If one is buying BTC to speculate… there is no incentive to spend it. Much more to incentive to spend falling fiats.

Trends Live says:

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Sanford Gallant says:

Question for Tone V: ? Do you think that when BTC becomes available on US futures exchanges that we will be able to buy protective puts to help with the possibility of huge drops in value?

AtomicJayhawk says:

I'm not too concerned with the Mempool. I think it's still so young and deflationary that people are hesitant to spend. Once the value plateaus (no idea when that might be), it will become more attractive as a payment system. It should be more appropriately scaled for that use by then as well.

william mckeever says:

Tone promotes FUD via Confusion and Double Talk… its almost like he is an Agent Provocateur.

The other two Birds with their ICO attitudes of "Hey if they get burned then shame on them". How can you be pro ICO and Viewer Friendly? You can't because its an Oxymoron.
Am sure Richard Heart would agree,
Huh? What? Thought these guys were community friendly and their purpose was to educate us… Clearly they are sitting on the other side of the fence with different attitudes and mindsets than yours.

So keep pounding that LIKE button.

Roy Wessbecher says:

I found that Christine Lagarde statement most interesting – gotta go read exactly what she said… (could be that she's starting to "get it".)

Haka Lau says:

no not to ZERO….Im to old for that.

Kent Woodard says:

Bitcoin will become a very valuable store of value, similar to what Gold once was. Tone I disagree that people need to spend it. However, given all the blockchain technology apps coming in the future, people will start to use it.

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