Tom Lee: I want to be clear, bitcoin is going to $25,000 by year end

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Bitcoin bull Tom Lee, Fundstrat, still believes the cryptocurrency will hit $25K by the end of this year. With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Pete Najarian, Steve Grasso, Karen Finerman and Tim Seymour.


drums34 says:

Tom moves like a puppet wtf

Adil Çınar says:

Tom Lee…whats your problem man😂

Og Rastaman says:

This is going to make the ETH network explode

pramod kulkarni says:

It's not 25k he mean to say it's 2.5k LoL…

TheProspectormike says:

Bitcoin is awesome but its like msn messenger and ICQ there not going to be the winners in this game Coins like ETN will come out on top

Digvijay Parmar says:

This is il_lu_sion, you can SEE that all Lee in this business. This is CHINA & Wall street, 🤣 are looking for YOUR Christmas MONEY.

Bob Bigboy says:

Tom Lee is a good analyst but his numbers are not correct concerning mining cost. Mining cost can change dramatically depending on power cost. Lowest power cost run from 3.5 cents to 5.5 cent per KWH – this would make mining cost way below $6000. Using Tom Lee's model (that he should update) BTC price is above 2x mining cost in the cheapest mining countries. There will be a consolidation of Mining farms moving to cheaper energy countries. This will gives BTC a hard floor and makes Mr. Lee's model relevant again.

DoM says:

What a load of bollocks!!!

JJ Dueck says:

I watched another "expert" say it will drop to $4500 in 2 weeks.

chun wei Hsu says:

Dead cat bounce

Dpe$o says:

The guy has a large position on bitcoin no shit hes gonna go on cnbc and be like yea bitcoin to 25 k this is what these guys do dont buy bitcoin it will never be adopted as a currency


Do not worry BITCOIN is gold standard…. It will 🚀 believe me!!!

Den Harry says:

Year end of 2020

Muhammad Yuda says:

if BTC 25K Central Bank need to print loot off new $$$$ to cover that.

Ben Dover says:

Pumpers! The mania is OVER. Will never go back to 10K, let alone 25K. Bozos.

rifqy fadhilah rahman says:

Put all your wealth on Bitcoin so you can feed the whales.

It is amusing to see whole cryptocurrency market, it easily controlled by influence of other people, it is too easy for whales to make up all this situation and voila, the price increased and then they just have to dump it to get more fiat. So ironic.

Max Lake says:

Title bears no relation to what he said.

TheMikeLawz says:

These people just look like they have literally no idea what they are talking about

Timen Swijtink says:

In what world is mining cost 6K a coin?

John Sabattis says:

lol it was 25k christmas

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