Tone’s MA #93 – The Bitcoin Breakout is Here!!!

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Time Index:
00:01 – Intro & Travel Schedule
– Equities
– Gold
– Oil
– Bitcoin Technicals
– General Thoughts
– Live Q&A

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Jim Dean says:

Always look forward to your update Tone.


Tone your spot on every time

rovingreporter says:

Price rise may seem unsound Tone, but also capital flight from debt based currency is very real.

Matthew Scott says:

Tone rocks.

hulk smash says:

the move up on low volume doesnt mean anything?

Grey Fur says:


Jim Dean says:

Just bought bitcoin and litecoin yesterday with $400.00 I was saving… to see it go up today. Great feeling.

Tom Lomax says:

29:25 13.65 R:R ratio?!?! Dayyum son

Maggie Xiaomin Wu says:

Following your video daily! When come to Seattle?

Johnny Lingo says:

Love your videos, will have to disagree about mempool argument.  Most ppl are using  Bitcoin as a Store of Value, I don't think low mempool matters.  My prediction for long term is BTC = store of Value,  then ppl transfer it to LTC for transactions, or something on ETH

Kevin Becker says:

Your assessment of Bitcoin fundamentals and the "underlying lies" is relevant, but mainly for currency use cases – the fundamentals for store of value are still very robust!

Mr Mackey says:

42:00 – Bitcoin

Crypto BR says:

Tone, BTC is like the SAP 500, its just going up and up …up.

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