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Time Index:
00:01 – Intro & Travel Schedule
– Equities
– Gold
– Oil
– Bitcoin Technicals
– BCash/BTrash
– Litecoin
– Monero
– Ethereum/Classic
– General Thoughts
– Live Q&A

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Andre Bastos says:

BCAP is not the only legit ICO, I have seen Whalepanda saying Stratis is also a legit ICO.

ozzyvilla says:

Tone, you are the absolute greatest. Thank you for all your wisdom and advice. Long may it continue

Andre Bastos says:

Tone, thanks for all these videos on your channel and on WCN aswell. Have never donated coz i cant afford not to be greedy atm but if you ever come to Portugal ill make sure to treat you to some drinks.

Angel Norwind says:

He has been saying bs about gold and gold just keeps creeping higher lately. For a technical analyst, should speak fairly is more appropriate then said I just do not like it.

Ed says:

Bitcoin can be noted in 1000mB "miliBitcoins" (or milibits), Tone is confusing Satoshi with Bit when he says if 1Bit was = $1 then Bitcoin would be $1million… he means 1Satoshi (and not 1Bit) would be equal to 1cent and 100Satoshi would be $1.

By the way Tone, you and me will be dead by the time 1Bitcoin is worth $1million 🙂

Khaled Mousa says:

Thanks Tone!

Who are the big blockers or what do you mean by big blockers?

Ric Smit says:

Tone, I normally don't pay too much attention to your annalises on Gold & Oil. But based on historical moments Gold & Oil will go bullish should war break out with North Korea (Heaven Forbid).

Not sure what the market was doing with BTC back in September of 2011!!! Maybe someone can fill in the blanks.

Michael Russell says:

This guy reminds me of Christopher Walken

Ed says:

Tone, can you please disclose if and who, you are working for, as in, is someone paying you anything for what you are doing in Bitcoin space.. at all? I believe you said you are paid in Bitcoin, so if you disclose who is actually paying you and for what work, that would be great, so we all know if you have any bias when it comes to Bitcoin. Fair enough?

austin messer says:

big blockers are trying their very best to destroy bitcoin. we can't let it happen

Bill Martin says:

If you are not a libertarian you are a statist. Just a fact, not an opinion.

Bill Martin says:

It's not that you hate gold. It's that you think Trump is god.

lcradan24 says:

"I tawt I taw a putty kat" tone tweety vays…one of the most obvious signs that someone doesn't know how to trade is one who takes trades off dojis, while trying to call tops. Guess you like scamming wanna be traders who want to mimic your trading style

jnnero123 says:

What are these numbers? Ive been trading for years and have never seen numbers as indicators on top of candles. Anyone?

Joe says:

SALT is not a scam. It's a business where you can get a loan without selling crypto! You put your bitcoin in a smart contract and that's the collateral.

GusAdventure says:

thanks for the links

Ad Soy says:

@16:13 – Bitcoin Technicals starts at

The Dubai Review says:

How can OMG be a scam if they're providing payment solutions for McDonalds? In your interview with Ozzy you said name 1 ICO that's not a scam. There you go!

shmadz says:

1:02:56 – solution for empty blocks will come when the fees exceed the block reward (or at least when the fees are significant enough that it overcomes the incentive to mine empty blocks)

That is the beauty of the bitcoin experiment; solving provably unsolvable problems through aligned incentive based game theory.

Patrick Dukemajian says:

Libertarian? Nah, I ain't no libertarian. I'm an anarchist. Libertarians go to meetings.

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