Too late to invest in Bitcoin? Follow up. Programmer explains.

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Bitcoin has gone from 3000 to 6000 dollars since the first video I made on this topic. Today I continue the discussion on that topic and explore what might cause a short term crash. Do you agree with my points?

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Bethany Reis says:

Thank you. I really want the price to drop. It's hard trusting that it will. It's hard waiting too. But you had good points and as always as high tech as Bitcoin is things always circle back around again to the wisdom of antiquity, such as burying treasures in the backyard, and good old paper!

Maja Vujinovic says:

Thanks Ivan- coinbase def took my money and hasn’t responded at all. 🙂

Dialectical Monist says:

Please crash! Makes it easier to buy more bitcoin.

Melvin Reyes says:

Ivan, what do you think about bitconnect?

Trollzitsuj Horne says:

Do you live in Stockholm?

Robin Busch says:

he probably faps everday saying "i'm a programmer"

Ash Upadhyay says:

hey mate, do you have a contact detail I can get through to you on?

J. says:

In the end gold will win out as the ultimate SOV, as it will be used for 'metal wallets'!


Very good information keep it up..

Michael Ryan says:

if satoshi owns approximately 5 percent of all bitcoin if he cashed out would it even crash the value substantially?

nur shahjalal says:

It's gonna crash when general people buy ..its so volatile and manipulative like a penny stock..might be wrong..

GMH2016 holden says:

I know a way that bitcoin can be stolen… stay offline people.. oh wait u cant.

Marcello Spinali says:

Question: If I buy 500 dollars worth of Bitcoin at 5200. how much money would I make If I cash in at 6200?

Big Sinner Risk Ninja says:

I'm worried about concentration of btc on exchanges before the segwit2x hardfork and the lack of replay protection making a perfect time to hack an exchange.

Gideon Malherbe says:

Ivan what do you think about decentralized exchanges like Aphelion and NEX coming up on the NEO chain?

Didi says:

I need a metal wallet!

Jack gin says:

Why do you wear make up Ivan trump?

Robert Olson says:

Bitcoin was not created by one person. Thus the Satoshi Nakamoto name is misleading and just a distraction. It's a ruse played on the public by the original group of developers (funny how long it has taken the public to figure this out). Dave Kleiman, Craig Wright and others were the original developers of Bitcoin. The developer Dave Kleiman most likely had the keys to the original 1mil stash that you and everyone else thinks might someday be used to attack Bitcoin. He died and the stash is locked with these keys (he used 50 digit keys). The physical disk drives might still be around but the keys are gone. That's why Craig Wright can't send any of these early original blocks to prove he is Satoshi because he does not have access anymore or never did except through Kleiman.

Anyway all Ivan's concerns are "speculative" and based on a biased opinion. If you find Bitcoins useful and like it as a system then keep your Bitcoins as the chance of them going up in value in the long run, regardless of future problems, is good.

Digitaal investeren & speculeren says:

Bitcoin has gone from 3000 to 6000 dollars and it will go up to 10 000 dollars by March 2018! NEBLIO to the Moon

Ebzi san says:

hey ivan you have really helped me put thank you for the insight 1Le9CksQvBzjbWjr3KnvfLfXgy1aFxPVqd

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