Top 10 Bitcoin Facts

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It’s time to put your money where your monitor is! And, while it doesn’t grow on trees, it does in your hard drive! Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 facts about Bitcoin.

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Jether Kish Lepe says:

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Marci Aminger says:

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Jake _BS says:

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Richard Paulson says:

stay away endpoints compromised. They steal coins to crash it all at once globally.

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yeah right?

MAISAM 722 says:

i bought a hooker with bitcoins, thanks bitcoins

nobletea 3400 says:

omg james is such a idiot

Apostolos Anyfantakis says:

What if Bitcoin is just one futuristic ploy by the unknown creator (person, group, corporation or government) to become the richest most powerful entity in the world if Bitcoin gets universally accepted, through the 1 million bitcoins it kept for itself.

Liberal bias says:

So no one actually knows who invented bitcoin?

Ihave NoRegrets says:

You forgot that 1 bitcoin can be divided down to 8 numerals lowest wouldve been 0.00000001 Bitcoin

Anthony G says:

bitcon drifting lower, along with the hundreds of other crypto currencies. that is the problem with cryptos, unlimited supply in the form of new cryptos. trade that crap for some real gold and silver while you still can. stick with the money of kings, the reason for wars, what central bankers hold for reserves – gold and silver! money that is truly limited in physical supply and proven for 5000 years. once the paper gold and silver comex scheme breaks the price will soar. especially silver, it is on sale!

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Jerry Langton says:

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Ben Pantera says:

Can anybody help me how to mining bitcoin and transfer it to virtual credit card.

Brent Arnold says:

You forgot the fact I don't have one!  ; (

The Dude says:

most of the footage is taken from other youtubers who actually put effort in them ! why arent you getting sued?

faizul 0923 says:

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