Top 4 Stocks NOW May 2019 ?

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Charlie talks about the top 4 stocks that he will be watching and trading this week May 2019. He also covers the Uber IPO and potential opportunities in other sectors.

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?Planning: When To Buy Stocks
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?Top Penny Stocks April 2019
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ZipTrader says:

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Thanks for the support as always ZipTraders!

Jaxon Dakota says:

Hello Charlie, thanks for the videos and sharing the knowledge. Can you please do a video on how to input a stop loss and a moving stop loss in thinkorswim?

ragusajr100 says:

Does he know the trade war got worse today (Monday)……just sayin'

javirod281 says:

How do you need in the webull acct in order for they to give you margin?

Jan R says:

What in the world do we do about this tariff with China

Zxeser Roy says:

when does one gets flagged for too many trade ins, like how many buy and sell slots do you have in a week with webull? and also Robinhood? Thanks.

Sven Nose says:

Review of the 7 Top Penny Stocks to buy in May:
PGNX May 6,NBRV April 30,OVID May 7,ALDX May 1,ACHN May 17,EYEN May 3-7,ADAP May 2,CYTK May 5.

CYTK was the only one that raised. For me unfortunately not the best Stocks….

Benjamin Roper says:

This guy is great. Only person I listen to on YouTube.

D Warren says:

Only a fool would buy Uber/Lyft stocks. They exploit & rip off their drivers. They are operating like sweatshops! MANY PEOPLE I KNOW ARE BOYCOTTING THEM!!! ALL PEOPLE DESERVE FAIR WAGES!!!

Rey Scott says:

Honestly, "Monkey Level Of Support" (or MLS) is great tool. I wonder if we can create our own indicator in TOS…

Michael Espinoza says:

What’s the discord link?

Arturo Nestor says:

how do I get access to the discord group chat ?like what do I type in caps I have discord but I can't find it

Troy Boy says:

What can i do if i am not allowed to trade leveraged etfs in the eu? I could cry.

cherchez la femme says:

I knew he was fake. There are many manipulators

Scott Norris says:

How do I join the discord group? I don't see a link in the description

Natalya Bentley says:

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אוהד יצחקי says:

What is your opinion about TWOU (2U)? Crushed a lot and the RSI on 16

herndon39 says:

Old bread. LOL Keep it up man.
Going to be an interesting week. Thanks for the video.

Kevin Ronnie says:

There's Z and ZG which one you mean?

Dennis Vivanco says:

Thoughts on Pinterest and Zoom?

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