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Top 5 best multibagger penny stocks that are bound to spike in Feb & March 2018… As usual we go through the reason why we trade pharmaceutical penny stocks and how to find those penny stocks and how to trade them.

Definition of Multibagger: Multibagger penny stocks are those that will generate 10 times the return.

List of Top 5 Penny Stocks:
ABIO $ 1.75
GSK $ 38
MBIO $ 12.14
MBVX $ 0.87
VTVT $ 7.56

Track the date of the trials:

Remember these stocks will have news coming out in Feb & March 2018

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TaBron Stormer says:

I love your methodology! I stumbled upon pharma penny stocks while papertrading and earned quite a bit using similar methods! Ready to try it with some real cash and you've definitely given me the confidence to do so!

Frank Saney says:

What is the target price based on? Is it the management's estimate or stock markets experts' estimate?

Ashley Ryann says:

Almost every company has lost money 🙁 dang.

nicholas coles-gamache says:

patriot one technologies is the one look it up

Workn Man says:

I followed your recommendation and did research. I opted to invest in MabVax because their concept is amazing to me if they're successful. Honestly more excited for mankind than I am the gains if they pull this off! Thanks for the tip!

frank mead says:

It looks like these Pharma stocks shoot up in advance of the official announcement date. Do you suggest buying them a week in advance, then sell….? thanks

Ahmed M says:

LTC Address: LQWBBds5bo64idvHFk1WMAcUkDXaVMC62R

mausborn15 says:

Thoughts on AKER?

no ross says:

Hello, assuming your European, what fees did you occur to buy these us stocks?


OK Skateboards inc. says:

If the news happen in the late morning, do you trade it the next day or at the moment it happen?

Daniel Goode says:

Man what do you use to watch these stocks ?

sitinij says:

Why you are with heavy stubble in all videos? Make video with short stubble.

Gil Rodriguez says:

Been watching your videos bro. Thanks for your help. Have profited off nvax , srne, kmph and got in early to abio at 1.60 thanks to you. Learned a good easy strategy. Appreciate it

Gene Faust says:

one of your videos you said SGYP would be a good one, it actually went down after gaining momentum before the fda approval your thoughts on it?

personally I think it will go up over awhile but right now people are made it went down on FDA approval.

kevin hodge says:

How much you think ltc will be end of 2018 ? Maybe 500euro

Benjamin Van den Brink says:

Hi Zaid, I was wondering. Today just before the US market opened I analysed the Earnigs report from Caterpillar CAT. It looks really promising. So I invested. But when the market opened the stock plummeted straight away. Maybe you kan explain what happened? And how to prevent such situations? Thanx Love your show by the way!

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