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P2: Today we discuss the top 8 penny stocks to buy which I will also be buying in April & May 2018. You can trade these penny stocks with the Robinhood app or any other broker.

List of penny stocks are below:


Track the dates here:

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James Kelly says:

Do you have an email address ?

Dain Lewis says:

Hey man. What criteria do you use to choose these stocks? There are lots of pharma stocks with catalysts at the link you listed. What criteria do you use to select these stocks out of the rest?

Justin Falk says:

Would you ever invest in a company like CYCC again, say tomorrow, after the price has fallen like it has. What is your assumption of why this happened? The news looked a bit unsure, but seemed better than not

Justin Falk says:

Hey man, I was just wondering why you don't mention RIGL in this video? I checked the website and it says they (and a couple other more expensive companies) have PDUFAs tomorrow. Just want to get your insite this. As always, much appreciated. If I could get to Ireland id buy you all the beer lol

Larry Xieu says:

thanks for the tip!

Tyler Younce says:

my new favorite stock videos!

mrletterhead13 says:

Invested in CYCC after a positive result yesterday. Seems to be heading down quite heavily, obviously I am going to hold on. Is this something you often see after positive results?

Steve Speranza says:

Hey zaid what's up with cycc?

Allen Sharako says:

Please just tell me the stock names?

Joshua Frederick says:

You want a great stock that's gonna run over 200% here it is CELZ do your DD and follow me on Twitter @stockguru2018. This guy ^^^^ is good to. I've made profits.

Jake Odom says:

Would you buy MNOV as it sits currently at 12.57?

michael romero says:

Hey why is mnov down and the results came back positive?

Asad Ali Amin says:

Hey man, so MNOV announced Positive results today and instead stock going up, it dropped significantly. So, instead, profit turned into a loss. What's your analysis on that? Thanx

Tim Katerberg says:

Hey, what's going on here

spitarymerecords says:

Hi Zaid, Will you make a video explaining the simple way to short stocks? And thanks for all of the Knowledge, you can't put a price on that…Very much appreciated!!!

Jim Reed says:

I didn't know you could use Robbinhood in Ireland?

50jgstrick says:

I follow all of your videos. Particularly on the pharmaceutical stocks. Your last video you spoke of SELB. They released news on phase 2 trial today with a good report. My question is why do you think it went down so far today?

Barrington Virgo says:

Where would I go to find the pharmaceutical companies worth trading and the dates like You find

Dain Lewis says:

Excellent videos man! Appreciate the value you bring. Where do you find these stocks? Perhaps I missed it.

Mike Vandenberg says:

I’m thinking about investing in cycc. So on the day before I should be tracking the results? When the market opens will it not already have started to spike? I don’t have a way to get stock in the pre market.

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