TOP 8 PHARMACEUTICAL PENNY STOCKS I’M BUYING APRIL 2018! penny stocks to buy or invest in! beginners

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Today we discuss the top 8 penny stocks guaranteed to spike in April 2018.

These penny stocks are for trading and if you’re a risk taker then for buying too, the list of these stocks is below.

SELB – due April 9 or 10 ($9.40)
EIGR – April 11-15 ($9:50) – eigr ( typo in the video )
GALT – 14 April ($4.63)
PFSCF – April 14 ($1.10)
ARQL – April 15 ($2.87)
ONCS – April 15 ( $1.73)
Mnov – APRIL 27($12.00)
BTX – APRIL 29 ($2.71)

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Sultan Beardsley says:

Yo said what do you think about therf this morning? They had a good earning report released this morning but it isn’t moving pre market? Is that a sign it won’t be going up today ?

Juan Saldana says:

Wow amazing people like you are still around💪🏾 Inspiring! You show me there’s still light at the end of the tunnel, thank you Zaid🙏

Sultan Beardsley says:

Hey Zaid I have a question for you. With your strategy for trading pharma stocks how do you get in before the spike happens? Because a lot of the time the stock goes up 30% premarket.

bruce michell says:

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Andreas Nicolaou says:

Hi, and thank you for your videos! i have accounts on both Etoro and Plus500 but can not find any of the mentioned stocks on either of them? Which exchange should i use? Thanks!!

frank mead says:

Hi: Great advice – i find that the stock has it's movement a few days ahead of the "official'" results announcement as information leaks – am i right or wrong??

Galixth Money Tips says:

Best YouTube ever

bigga velle says:

Can you do a video showing how you find the companies trial dates and that kl bruddah London in da house 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾

Gainknowledge says:

are these american stocks ,if they are ,the newyork stock market opens up at 2pm in england so do we need to check before the market opens and place a order with the news thank you

rocco cicciarella says:

Can’t Find ELGR

Katherine says:

Did you get in on ATE? I recommended it to you last month. It went up almost 80% after successful phase 2b results were announced. Please research them! Antibe Therapeutics, you won't regret it.

Jamiur Rahman Choudhury says:

GALT earnings on 29/03


Great video as always! Are the results usually released pre market or during? If some are released say during- would you just keep an eye out and as soon as you see the news (we'll pretend it was good), would you buy it up and sell immediately 5-30mins assuming the volume is going to increase as the news was good?

Frank Saney says:

Zaid. How do you buy a stock "before the market opens" , as you put it? The best we can do is put in a market order before the market opens, but it will fill when the market opens. Are there brokerages that provide after and pre market trading?

sitinij says:

Why you are with heavy stubble in all videos? Make video with short stubble.

Clayton Young says:

If you buy a stock after market, when is the soonest you can sell it without it being a daytrade? Is it ok to sell at market open or even premarket the next day?

Awesom Cool says:

Do you have a video explaining what shorting stock is?

Romeo Lives says:

Thank you for the update! We love you Zaid!

Kory Quan says:

Bro you should check out $FUSZ. $5 stock easy with updates coming. Still early.

Willeenie Tecat says:

Thanks for looking out!

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