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It’s that time of the month guys where we look at the top 9 penny stocks to watch out for ,buy or short for the month of February. These are all biotech penny stocks.

Top Penny stocks to watch out for
snna early feb
avro 6th feb
sgmo feb 7
plx feb 7
cbio 6-8
tcon 20-23
htbx feb 28
gmda feb 20
mtfb feb 13

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Zed Monopoly says:

next time do your own research.. here

Arthur Thaete says:

Black rock is in SGMO tomorrow is the day for SGMO

Brian Bridox says:

Hi Zed, can you tell me why I cant find these pennystocks in my plus500 account? Do I need another broker? Witch one?


I might just hire you


MNGA ??????

Chanel516 says:

GREAT VIDEO , thanks for all the information

javirod281 says:

WFT might be a good stock to look at….

xViiiZe says:

Do you solely trade the FDA decision dates? What about PDUFA dates or other news e.g. successful phase 1 etc….

Krystian Kuterbach says:

Great idea, I will study your video's

Engineer Microchip says:

I used your method. Studied reports and subscribed to e-mail alerts. Bought SCYX last month. Looking to a big win today. Thx friend

Nater4444 says:

Is SNNA a company to buy in your opinion? What is the reason it used to trade at around $20 now around $2? what happened? and is there a chance it can get back up there?

Lumi Pop says:

thank you! you look like are being distracted and have fun when explain BIOTECH meaning :))ioi

Maximilian Lenz says:

Hey zed which broker do you use?

Theyutube 6 says:

!Good apps to buy/sell stocks or crypto??? any recommendations?

GG10Comps says:

Hey , what brokers do you guys recommend for Canadian ? I cant use robinhood as i live in Canada

Vikas Chopra says:

Thanks for the information and practical advice, you got an email friend !

PoloPolo 1997 says:

great info dude, thanks

sheldon jooste says:

Completely new to trading. Need a beginners guide. Please help a newbie out. I desire to learn the game and eventually become good at it

Charles Thomas says:

Awesome man thank you for video

Bow Wow says:

$SCYX … check it out. Catalyst is on March tho

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