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TOP PENNY STOCKS FOR FEB 2018: Top 5 FDA approved PENNY STOCKS to watch out for in feb 2018, you could either invest, buy or trade them using my strategy. Those stocks will be found on the robinhood app most likely and can be bought through them.

What are those 5 penny stocks that will be most likely FDA approved in Feb 2018.


Find the dates here for the trial results:

FDA Website which released the news regarding that penny stock:

Robinhood app:

Please watch the rest of the vids in this playlist for more information.


Aldo w says:

I got banned from day trading until April

K SIN says:

IMNP has February 17th (Saturday) for results? Is that right?! Like the market would be closed that day.

Dav Goe says:

Join Robinhood and we'll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link.

SkateCrimes1 says:

Alright hold on, thing to remember is this is an EXTREMELY competitive market. You need to figure out which of these companies will make it big. They can't be average, they need a niche. PLEASE research Cannabis Wheaton Income. (CBWTF) They are a streaming company, which means they give other companies money, experience, and help them in the right direction. This is extremely unique because they get to hand pick the best companies to work with, and when you invest in them, you are investing in 16+ companies. That way you can be assured that your money will be well diversified. This stock is set to soar. For examle, they just made a deal with FV Pharma to start construction on the world's LARGEST marijuana facility (3.8 M square feet). Wheaton will finance operations and FV Pharma will have Wheatons construction management team at their expense. In return Wheaton will receive 49% of all profits which is projected to be around 200 M grams of Cannabis. That is just ONE deal they have out of so many more. Your money will be safe here! Invest while the stock is under $2 a share!

Mister Maker says:

Where do you buy them which broker ?

Gene Faust says:

god tier stuff man as always 👍
Do you have a personal favorite on any of these and why?

difizzid101 says:

Okay dumb question: let's say hypothetically I find a pharma stock that has announced its trials for a certain date. When would you buy shares for that stock- once it announces positive results or the day of the trial? (I'm guessing when it announces positive results)

Joe Andujar says:

Hey I have an account on merryl edge, you are not able to buy penny stocks unless you have 25000 in your account,is this on every trading platform?

Radjinder M says:

What do you think of penny stock Bpmx?

Dave Snape says:

How come i cant see the robinhood app on the appstore?

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