TOP Penny Stocks To Watch Right NOW | Trading Stocks To $100,000 EP.18

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In this video I am going over the top penny stocks I am watching right now. This is the 18th episode in the trading stocks to $100,000 challenge where I am looking to take $15,000 and turn it into $100,000 in one year. We go over the stocks I traded last week, the winners, the losers and what I anticipate for next week. I am a very technical trader so my style is not going to work for everyone. I share what I personally like, but that does not mean just buy and hope. I hope to give you good ideas in this video but not buy/sell alerts. As always do your own due diligence before making any trades/investments and leave any questions and comments below in comments section!

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Thomas Carvo says:

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Sam Kim says:

ACST 🔥🚀 triple ur money this week 🚀🅰️

Tawfik Abdelrahman says:

What is February’s hot sector?

timbawoof1 says:

Enjoy your videos. You def have some interesting strategies.

Edgar Mikayelyan says:

Man I watch all your videos on both channels. You are making awesome content. Thank you!

MasterEDSHI says:

I also took out OPTT a little too early still made a decent profit though
thanks for the stock recommendation last week

jlndb says:

What's your thought on ESPR.

Roll_N_Dubs says:

Can you do video's on #MMMW and #DSGT please. Would love your thoughts on the two stocks.

MasterEDSHI says:

GREAT VID. Looking forward to seeing you on your live.

Thomas Mahan says:

Hey Thomas…thank you for the vids. You have helped me to change my strategy from being focused on day trading to swing trading, which is much better suited to me. Thank you, seriously. I'm noticing some of your limit sells. They seem to be way higher than mine. I tend to start to take profit at 15 to 20%. I wonder if you could make a video where you discuss your strategy as it pertains to taking profits. Thanks again

Pickle Juice says:

have you heard about COUV(zap&go)? fast charging battery

tom piont says:

2 Stocks 👍. Sens. ISR. 💖. Loading up. ACST Krill Oil Product still moving. Up🍀

Revo Evom says:

really have to respect content and education thats not locked behind a paywall.. keep up all the great work

That Guy says:

$33k ?!?!? Stackin' pennies. And I absolutely love your risk meter is way on the safe side. Diverse trades, not too much of anything, taking profits when they come, having patience, doing your OWN research: that's a whole bunch of winning.

That Guy says:

OVID is a recent 10 cent ranger. It's high right now. I'll buy at 2.60-2.62. After their fail in December, it's an uphill battle. I don't see it going above 2.85-3.00 any time soon.

Lior Kentov says:

Biol to the moon

That Guy says:

RMED? I forgot all about that junk stock. We both traded that way back around 30 cents!. Apparently they had a split. Sure, you could have saved some loot if you didn't day trade. But day trading is fun, Thomas. Fun,fun,fun ! And there's always that chance of one running 500% for no reason. I'm probably 51% on day trades. lol My money is made in …mmmm, mostly less than a week swings.

Revo Evom says:

Thoughts on HUSA for near future?

Useless Things says:

You are damn good I know but I feel frustrated I can’t follow what you buy and sell.

James SoFlo says:

I sold my CRBP far too early… same with OPTT… need to work on my exits… another great video

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