Top Pot and Marijuana Penny Stocks

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Marijuana penny stocks have been soaring lately. However, much of thus is due to speculators who think that marijuana will become legal, and so pot penny stocks will increase in value.

The problem with that one-dimensional view is that it presupposes that the underlying penny stocks will continue to increase based simply on the one thought – legal pot.

This has already driven marijuana penny stocks to greatly overvalued levels. Stocks worth 10 cents and now trading for $1… and have tens of millions in debt, are just bleeding cash in the millions, and have no prospects for anything greater than their current anemic revenues.

The faster something rises, the faster it falls. This will be true of pot penny stocks too, and they will crash significantly and soon… just like the did the last 2 times!

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Duane Spindler says:

Thanks for the video you probably saved me some hard-earned cash. I am still excited about the new markets that have yet to show up. As a grower it is not always easy to have consistent supply. Peter you have a new fan.

Dena Michelle Byrd says:


Jamie Kelley says:

First off, I am new at stock trading. I hear exactly what you are saying about the MJ penny stocks for a long term investment. However, I do believe there is an opportunity there if someone buys on a December dip. At least during early January's legal hype they should pay out…right? Ride the pump and dump? My real concern is this: When I'm ready to dump, is it going to sell? How do I gauge that…by looking at volume traded? Would it just be individuals potentially buying what I want to sell or would the company buy back? I'd hate to be looking at the pump and thinking man I'm gonna make some cash…only to have it not sell and then bottom out. How do I protect against this as "options" aren't available?

Michele Kniest (Elle) says:

You are GENIUS-EXTRAORDINAIRE ???Michele Kniest ?

Ryan McMahon says:

Hey Peter I watched a few of your vids you are extremely knowledgeable. I have a question, I don't really know much at all about trading penny stocks, even stocks itself in general. That would you recommend to help me learn, and what is a good amount of money to invest with when you don't have much?

Bigdaddy078 says:

makes alot of sense. But im sure the same was said for monster energy drink which was .01 in 96 and is at a great price point now. As energy drinks were and are still overhype as well. Thoughts???

David Dettman says:

This is why you buy before they are pumped and dumped. I bought cbis when it was 1.4 cents a share in September and dumped it all at 6 cents for a huge profit. Buying stocks that are already pumped up is a good way to lose all of your money.

Shayke Speeer says:

When it comes to mj stocks…… trade, don't invest. Too many people chasing mj stocks that are peaking, buying excitement, losing their minds. There's going to be a lot of broken dreams and trails of tears soon, as most mj stocks are overbought now. jmo

Globally United says:

Thanks Peter, Your awesome.

Andre Condarcuri says:

very helpful video. i was a shareholder of aphria (aph) and profited from their stock but I realized that maybe this whole weed thing will die down soon so i sold. hopefully i made the right choice, they seem to be a good company though its just the industry scares me. will be waiting for your blog post, thanks.

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