TOP Stocks I’m Trading September 2017 (Week 1) | Sunday Stock Talk

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Chan Lee says:

Very informative !!

ron lind says:

just looking at titn what do you think

Chirag Patel says:

anyone watching UGAZ? waiting to buy low

Laurie Udall says:

Hey Ricky you're doing a fabulous job as well as your team!!!! Keep up the awesome work. You're truly in this for the benefit of others instead of for yourself!! This is so obvious!!!!

Douglas Mattos says:

I havent checked in a while, what platform are you using for trading and for watching stocks, your person ones and what the group normally uses

Reda dea says:

wha about comming crash ??

Zaighum Sattar says:

I've seen and watched a lot of YouTube videos about day trading. But I would say Ricky is probably the most humble and open trader. I'm a new trader and try to do my research on day trading gurus before I follow their advice. Been in his Facebook group for a week or two and the type of positive environment promoted within the group is awesome. I'm glad I stumbled upon one of his YouTube video. Hopefully I can become a successful trader. This is a group I would stay with for a long time. Keep up the good work Ricky!

CityLimitsPK says:

JDST going to go down even further, Gold is going nothing but up. N korea, hurricane harvey… so many reasons

Herman Smikle says:

Ricky, Ricky there always going to be haters ,you are one of the few that is feeding us with valuable info FOR FREE!! Keep up the good work GOD BLESS

Brian Milotte says:

Thank you for this! Discord & FB Wall have been full of the stocks you checked on here, asking why they were even brought up. I almost feel bad for the people who can't detect the information from the misinformation.

Big L says:

Youve changed my life Ricky, please never stop uploading videos

Irvin Mendoza says:

Skln ur thoughts?

Erik Moore says:

Don't worry Ricky we understand what your saying. It seems like your trying to justify booting that guy. You don't need to. It's obvious to all of us. Thnx for what you do.

MissionForDays96 says:

I've been making really good profit with Ardx. Two or three weeks ago I went up a whole dollar and a few cents and I had a few shares on it.

Jii L says:

Ricky hooking us up with free market tips. Love it

boboom66 says:

I really appreciate your program/group. You're doing a great job.

Team Blue says:

I'm holding jdst over the weekend!

M B says:

how to read volume?

Evan Bergren says:

Are the markets open tomorrow?

Ricky Gutierrez says:

Thank you all for tuning in, glad to have you as a part of the team! Hope you all end the week on a green note!

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