TOS ThinkorSwim Platform Intro and Basics for Paper Trading Stocks

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Here is how you can set up your TOS and I go over a bunch of little options I had to figure out on my own. Hopefully this helps you get a faster start in the program than I had!

This desktop app can be used for paper trading or real trading, and it runs on mac and windows.

Sorry I wasn’t recording the upper portion of the screen with the extra tabs… you’ll see what I mean.


GuerillaGary says:

This platform is bland and generally late 80's early 90's "style"…most use the home page to trade instead. Disgraceful.

Rohirn says:

hi i've been trying out this paper trading thinkor swim account. It behaves different than say oec and a few others mainly a short act like a long and a long acts like a short, also when it shows that i have made say 100 bucks or so and i sell / get out of the position i end up at a loss ( a pretty big one at that ) I feel like i am doing something drastically wrong here ( I haven't watched the video yet you tube videos are blocked on my work network)

altargirl89 says:

Helpful video thanks for posting

david waite says:

so do i need a real money cash account before i can use the paper trading program? or can i just start a paper account for the heck of it and have no involvement with real money? thanks great video

thenicpul00 says:

how do i make an account to start trading with the 'papermoney' could someone please help me, i just want to make an account so like this i can trade with fake money…

Troy McDonald says:

Am I wrong, or is "PaperMoney" only available through InsvestTools now? (I don't see it on the TDAmeritrade site).

10grandredline says:

This video was more helpful than all the other tutorials on YouTube for this platform. Excellent work.

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