Trace Mayer, Bitcoin Ben, Bix Weir, Jsnip4 interview! Four guys, one movement #proofofkeys

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Crazy Investoor says:

It seems Bitcoin Ben was nervous

Luke Jones says:

Smoke cigarettes much?

Taylor Trent says:

Great group of guys. I think Trace has the Conan O'Brien hair style haha.

Benita Beard says:

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Big Chief says:

Pandora’s Wallet is directly connected to an exchange.

liltrollbox says:

Trace may be the smartest guy in crypto.

Joe Morris says:

we have been fighting this crap (selling derivatives) in the cattle and grain markets all my life.

Ryan says:

I generally agree. However, there are now advanced ways to determine gold and silver content for standard government issued coins. There is an app that verifies resonance frequency when the coin is tapped. It's highly accurate. Gold and Silver are great and can certainly be verified pretty easily when they are government minted coins.

Bitcoin is of course easier to verify though.

Savio Toronto says:

hey this is did U c spot silver open it looks like a wall straight up then down then nothing 2 c here

BlackEagle says:

Excellent stream guys

BlackEagle says:

Like the black shirts guys lol

Rocket From Da CrypToe says:

could you stop the plugs please. Just a comment

Samuel Automatic says:

Interesting interview, great concept to bring back integrity to this space and market

Jonee Tiedemann says:

Well … Trace killed it, as he always does. Mr. Bitpetite however is prone to shooting his foot again. He learns and oui watch him.


Trace is an OG PEOPLE. . Hes not talking about scam coins. Hes talking about bitcoin

MoneyMakesCents Dent coin says:

2 men wearing caps, it must be an emergency broadcast

George Williams says:

That turtle head motivation is to advertise for coin and get commission.why do you have him on your channel

Hopes n Dreams says:

We’re doing proof of keys and jsnip gives all his coins up what a hypocrite

James Brooks says:

They said the same exact thing that took 5 minutes to say on repeat for an hour and a half.

Bits n Bots says:

I love these guys!!! And Traces movement. But it’s really the global use case that will require you to hold the asset, to use it, that will force the exchanges to deliver the asset.

As long as BTC is viewed as something to trade or invest in then exchanges will rehypothicate

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