Trade Like a Casino for Consistent Profits by Adam Khoo

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In the stock market, there are ‘gamblers’ and there are ‘casinos’. Gamblers depend on luck to make money and would eventually lose it all, because the game is rigged against them. ‘Casinos’ know how to rig the system to generate consistent profits from random outcomes of chance. Learn how to trade like a casino!

These are essential stock trading strategies for stock traders and investors who want to improve their investment and trading performance.

Adam Khoo is a professional stocks and forex trading and the best-selling author of ‘Winning the Game of Stocks” and “Profit from the Panic”. Thousands of students have profited from his sharp investment insights into the world of stock investing and trading.

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MotionInMotion1975 says:

Are you serious?……

Α Α says:

Well… the key then is to find a "strategy" that gives you the edge consistently. That's the hard part .
Nice video though.

Norbert Rabi says:

Yeah, but he didn't mention about the trading costs, commission or spreads . The more you trade the harder it gets to make money. This is the market makers and the brokers edge over a trader. Basically brokers and market makers the house. Commission and spread are the green 0 and green 00 and traders the players in the casino. But it doesn't mean it is impossible to make money on that, because the traders edge the news and fundamentals. That is why you can not make money in the casino. But if you could calculate how the speed revers of the roulette wheel you can guess with a higher probability, where the the thing land. Taaaar

Tommy says:

is it possible to put a stop loss and a limit sell at the same time, on the up trend?

Chetan Justa says:

liked your videos. good job

Nerijus Bosas says:

amazing teacher….we need more people like him….reminds me khan's academy simplicity….thank you

Bear Gaming says:

Great guy and a great video

tofer lazona says:

trading is not a casino

drmadcat says:

Great video

Markus Rubach says:

11:04 Funny how you make a point out of the arbitrary percentages ^^,

Good video, thumbs up!

Jeff SansNom says:

stop limit isnt better for cryptocurrency ? see what happened to ethereum

Jeff SansNom says:

6:00 if you wanna hear about the video title

Spyder Lord says:

i think this may have been the most educational and useful 17 minutes I've spent out of watching WEEKS worth of trading videos. Of course there are a few fine details that Mr. Khoo left out, but the fundamentals are here and can be applied successfully with other strategies.

aijaz jajji Sipra says:

very good iformation sir

Joseph says:

The problem I can see with this trading idea is the stop loss may sell well below your sell price. In addition, there are the fees from your brokerage and spread when entering and exiting trades. Otherwise, this explanation is much better than any of the frauds I've seen on youtube.

Yogendra Singh says:

Stock Trading works on probabilities, great video to understand that.

Keep it up

mrp says:

I like your video .wonderful concept mr. Adam

Or Paz says:

yea, they always skip the part of the fees… and also these whole theory should be based on some actualy data some backttesting, which currently he doesn't provide. I did saw a backtest somewhere else, proving that by using this method you still get 50%%50 so minus the fees you're losing every time.

I'm not saying he is wrong, i'm just saying that we need real data in order to believe that.

Sandip Rayalwar says:

explained a game of probability in X"lnt manner…….!!!!!!!!!!

Denis A says:

Mr. Adam Khoo, i started trading on poloniex about a month a go and what i wanna share with you is that i dooo exactlyyyyyy the same tactic unless the stop loose moment because i don`t wanna loose the money i have invested in some trade, instead of giving a way from that trade that has gone down from the price i have bought, i invest my time and wait that trade to be profitable because obviously i have more time than my budget(money) but if i had enough big budget i i think i would use your tactic

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