Trade Penny Stocks on Steroids

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Trade Penny Stocks on Steroids

People are drawn into penny stock trading for usually one of two reasons. First, because they have a smaller account and believe it is their only choice. Second, because they are told about all the big gains that can happen. While both are true in their own ways, there is another market available that is similar to penny stocks; however, they act in a much more steroidal type way.

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Mike Fu says:

Remember guys….the key is Volume and Liquidity. Basically a stock that you can Quickly Get Out….Because if the stock tanks, you gotta be able to sell quickly, otherwise you're handcuffed to the rollercoaster cause no one is going to buy you out! I mean that's the whole point…SAFETY…you can statistically make money by just Being safe and keeping your Losses Minimal….it's a Proven strategy. The problem is, everyone wants to gamble or get greedy. If you can just remain emotionally unattached from a stock and follow simple instructions over and over again….you're going to make money. But like people have said, 95% of people are Unwilling to do simple math, and follow Simple instructions on a regular basis. I know it sounds crazy, but it's true…most humans by nature get egotistical, greedy or just Flat Out Don't understand what their goal is….THAT is why 95% of people fail on the stock market.

Truck Nasty says:

I picked up 4000 shares of GBSN at $.26. yesterday morning, it went up 23% today. I probably should take the quick money as little as it is but I'm gonna hold out for the long play.

Peter van Remmen says:

Hi Clay. Nice video! Daytrading with options, I never done that. I do daytrade, mostly CFD's (I am from Europe) and options on daily charts… What options do you use for a daytrade? Weekly options or even closer to expiration? Going OTM like delta 80 or ATM? Because I guess you are looking for options that are going to move big time on a relatively small intraday move… could you shed some more light on that please?

Aidan Suljic says:

Yo clay great video the one thing I don't get it why do you call them penny stocks? So you are only looking at 1% of the price correct? Also what program did you use in your videos where can I download that? Please respond if you can. Joint the chat group!

Aidan Suljic says:

What program do you use to trade

idontlikeyouyo says:

I've been trading for about 10 months now. I've never traded options.
Why do option trade cost pennies and why is the % gains so much?

Emanuel Duka says:

Does the options simplified course have videos on strategies or is that all in the advanced course?

Connor Murphy says:

Clay this is one of the best videos you've ever made dude! Some people are probably scratching their head while others either already understand what you're talking about or their learning options now. Well done brotha.

DJ HedgeFund says:

Thanks for the video! You're always very optimistic, unlike a lot of educational videos out there, and for that, I thank you!

I've bought my fair share of options that ended up hurting my bottom line, but then you get that one that makes it all worth it, and it's great.

Reno Rivsan says:

love your logo

Harsh Shah says:

Lnkd 150 call option was .20 after buyout 43.50

jason grimm says:

Hey +ClayTrader love your videos. I learned alot from watching you, and I'm continuing to learn more. I hope to be investing in stocks soon. Keep up the great work!

Jermaine Walden - Bassist says:

Hey Clay, do you recommend any broker platforms that has a minimum balance less than 3-5 thousand dollars to get started, I'm a 20 year old musician and the money they are asking for to get started IS KILLING ME. *Also, do you know any trade platforms other than Think or Swim where i can paper trade(fake money, real market)?

Pond Hopper says:

When you say you have to have a certain amount to participate dose it cost that much to trade or is it just a requirement?

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