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Matt Mountain Trades says:

Thanks for the vid man. I enjoyed the part when you were describing going in full position on CLRB.

Alexander Monge says:

hey Eric thanks for the lesson I remember you posted a video on how to use the Fibonacci retracement can you send me the link or can you reposted thanks

Blackk says:

Were u a challenge student? Most can't afford the whole course but can u give a list of the most important/best dvds to study to become almost a complete student. Thanks

Freddy Arreola says:

great post! Do u have a HOD Scanner on TOS? ( I can't configure mine)

Nabil Siroum says:

I feel like we're interning a bear market cycle amid this uncertainty about Trump economic policies

Stephen Johnson says:

Agreed. Slower week. Cash is often a good position to have. Thanks again. Cool!

Noah Jackson says:

Thanks, very cool

DJ Migs says:

how did you decide to go in full size at the morning break ?

Miles Harding says:

Thank you Arick, review of CLRB was really helpful as I should've exited sooner. Took 6% on the trade so not crying but your time spent doing reviews is greatly appreciated!

Dario Buitrago says:

thank you for the great videos, big help . I also have TOS ,can you share your low float scanner settings, thank you

More Peace says:

I meant good jod and thx!

More Peace says:

good summer Mr Russell! thanks for sharing. I follow u on twitter @dagodsson and on profitly @humblegains. I hope to be half the trader you are one day!

CrimsonYeti says:

Very sensible trade. Thanks for posting this. Studying my ass off with Tim's materials right now.

Also, if CLRB had opened with a red candle, what would you have done then? Thanks.

Fenk Jones says:

I messed up that trade on CLRB, my buy was 1.70 at the break 1st tgt was 1.80. I did not honor my stop at 1.60 and and sold entire position at 1.63. Just .03 made a bad trade and loss. Frustrating.

robert åkerlund says:

Great videos man! Thanks for sharing I'm digging thru them. Cheers from Sweden :)

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Trader says:

How long did it take you to get used to scanning with one thing and executing with another? I passed my dts on friday but tos is so much better than everything else out there for tools so I'm not abandoning it. Just wondering. Also, good to have you back friend.

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