Trade Recap for E-mini S&P – February 7, 2019

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koko says:

Great ? video and explanation ! Thanks ?? Tim

lance pheng says:

I've been using your technique combined with fib extensions for strength moves to capture profits at 61% on a lot of movements. had 3 losers out of 10 trades. 3 of the trades had 4 points… I can't stomach targets larger than 4 points seeing it whip back. Thanks Tim.. your really leaving your legacy behind.

A_TN_571 says:

Hi.. 1st time watching your video, very like your patience to get into the trades.. like it. Question: on your last leg, why didn't you use 61% retracemnt as stop like u did in the previous 2 trades, but in stead u use bar by bar?
U knew it already broke 1st 30min low which will lead lower, but u chose bar x bar! Please explain why? Thanks! Love your videos!

jyoungerification says:

Got smashed today entering tooo early ??‍♂️

Richy D says:

Great video why don't you use the 5 min chart anymore?

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