Trade Recap for E-mini S&P – January 24, 2019

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Two shorts, both winners that occurred at high ticks of the day . Here’s how I managed both trades.


Kimmoy Matthews says:

Just discovered your channel and love the way you explain things. My question is how do you know when you're at the swing low?

Elkeen Eng says:

Very well explained thought process, which is really helpful. Totally subscribed. What is your trading platform?

Bryant Bultman says:

Thanks for your videos!! They are helping me learn a great deal.. I am trying to review the charts on my system and wanted to know if you are in EST, CST, MST or Pacific time zone? This will help me match what I am seeing. Thanks again and keep them coming.

jyoungerification says:

Glad I bumped into your videos ! Your techniques have changed my trading for the better!!

Juan Zammit says:

@6:44 I also wanted to take that trade but I didn't round up + 1 tick of the 50% and I wasn't filled. Hence lost the opportunity.
Anyway, today I was successful and applied your trading strategies without any hesitation in other opportunities ?

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