Trade Recaps From My Hottest Student Right Now

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Learn more about Roland at who had just $4,000 to his name 7 months ago and is now closing in on $200,000 in profits, sometimes making nearly $10,000 per day…memorize what works best for him


ricky price says:

How do you short a penny stock? i am new but have 6,000$ on etrade and was told you couldnt short a penny stock? Is that just with etrade? Or?

Than Chau says:

congratulations Roland, that's awesome to make that kind of money. Keep making big BUCKS. It's help me quit of bit too. Thank you so much for your video sir.


What chart is that, where can I get access to this chart?

Ammon Hilliard says:

What platform is this ? Stocks to trade ?

Cameron Booker says:

Short and a dip buy on the same stock same day! Amazing!

Cleaner Limerikc says:

where do you find penny stocks shares?

dt zzz says:

Thanks for sharing

MKO says:

Uuuh, boneless pizza.

Martin Rivera says:

the thing I love the most about all of tims students is that they are so humble dudes including MR Sykes himself . love iv

Michael Borukhov says:

Really impressive playing both sides of the move.

Skylar Wieber says:

"I made 10k yesterday" Jim layhey from trailer Park boys falling down stairs meme plays

Mike Dee says:

That's inspiring and motivational at the same time. By the end of year maybe 300k?

Lunia says:

where will he be releasing his stuff

DmitriyV says:

Funny, now crypto is more profitable than pennystocks

Jake Johnson says:

Watched this a few times love rolands videos

John Edwin says:

Its a dream to me for you to reply back Tim sykes

John Edwin says:

Tim Sykes you are a really smart guy

joseph facada says:

nice video tim great to see such successful students profiting and giving their advice

flingfff says:

loving roland

John Appleseed says:

Is there a way to start trading in the UK with around £500?

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