Trade The Open Like A Boss! Part 11 – Letting The Market Come To YOU!

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In the 11th installment of Trade The Open Like A Boss! video series, Oliver Velez demonstrates, with three quick trades, how he waits for the market (stock) to come to him. With his elaborate hot-key setup, Oliver often places orders above the current price when he desires to sell into a rally and he places buy orders below the current price when he desires to buy a decline.

This anticipatory style of trading “ahead” of the current price is what he calls the market-maker approach, because it’s essentially how Nasdaq Market Makers trade.

Watch, Listen and Learn how 28 years of trading experience makes pulling consistent gains out of the market in less than 30-minutes a day look so darn easy. While trading is not easy, Oliver Velez is fond of saying it’s simple. Simple and easy or not one and the same. Watch the simplicity of his trading style.

The baby girl laughing hysterically was provided courtesy of AFV Kids. The full video can be seen here: We thank AFV Kids very much.


richard chung says:

and would say confidence is indeed a very big part of a traders outcome. I always for some strange reason get into a stock and then start to feel scared and worried the second it doesnt go my way

richard chung says:

hey! just a quick question. how did you know to short on the second leg? What if it went beyond the yellow zone you highlighted?

Mike Gargano says:

How would one show you that they can follow and mimic your style ?

Illhitu says:

So could you do this with a normal spread betting. Account taking into account the spread you would have

Or is this just when trading directly
With the stock market if that makes sense 

caroltoda says:


joshua katz says:

the scene with the baby laughing is hilarious! ROFL great trading, of course….

Builder House says:

Oliver you're just awesome! Your videos brighten up my days. You're as full of life as that little baby …….. man, it made me laugh  :)))) 

veramuzik says:

Mr. Oliver, every time I watch your videos and listen to your thoughts on the market, it is like seeing my favorite soccer team and hearing my favorite music band.

Simply amazing!

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