Trade The Open Like A Boss! Part 21 * How To Trade Stocks That Gap Open

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In this 21st episode of the Trade The Open Like A Boss! video series, Oliver uses his live trading on Monday, April 16th, 2018 to demonstrate how to deal with stocks that gap up or down at the open. This frequent occurrence often confuses traders so much that many decide to skip or by-pass all stocks that gap at the open. Oliver Velez believes this to be a big mistake, as gaps offer some of the highest odds of quick profits at the open.

Watch listen and learn as Oliver delves into the simple but powerful world of gaps. He will also touch on double tops and 50% retracement trading which are amongst his favorite ways of making money with his trading. Be sure to pound that “like” button and subscribe. We want to keep Oliver very motivated to continue producing this wealth of very valuing teaching. There truly is nothing like it, anywhere. Please recommend the channel to your friends and send encouraging messages. We have witnessed firsthand that all of these things encourage and motivate Oliver to press even harder for all traders.

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En este episodio #21 de la serie Trade The Open Like A BOSS!, Oliver usa su trading en vivo este lunes, 16 de abril de 208 para demonstrar como operar acciones que amanecen con un gap alcista o bajista en la apertura. Esto ocurre frecuentemente y a veces esto puede confundir a los traders tanto que muchos deciden no operar cuando ven un gap en la apertura. Oliver Velez cree que esto es un gran error, los gaps ofrecen unas de las probabilidades mas altas de tener ganancias rápidas en la apertura.

Observa, escucha y aprende como Oliver entra en este mundo simple pero poderoso de los gaps. También hablara de doble techos y el concepto del 50% del retroceso, conceptos poderosos que representan las maneras favoritas de hacer dinero para Oliver. Asegúrate de darle “me gusta” al video y subscribirte al canal. Queremos mantener a Oliver muy motivado para que continúe produciendo sus enseñanzas de lato valor. Realmente no hay nada parecido, en ningún lado. Por favor recomendar el canal a todos tus amigos y de dejar mensajes alentadores. Somos testigos de primera mano de que todo esto incentiva a Oliver a seguir adelante con sus traders.

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Dr. Prashant Nehe says:

You are the master Oliver. Thanks for sharing this wonderful knowledge backed by years of your experience. Boom 👊

Mayumi Mejia Buitrago says:

You are the best..!…

Ramiro Pinon says:

What kind of order are you using when you place an order below market price to buy the dips?

Juan Hernandez says:

Thank you Oliver. You da man!

Christophe Deru says:

And booom !

Stefan K says:

How you think about the VWAP?

Giacomo Ricchi says:

Studying penny stocks, but in the meantime your videos are really professional, educational and inspirational!; I just wanted to ask if entering a trade you have an ideal size to trade or you use hot keys that take in consideration a % of your buying power account to act with a much faster entry&exit? Thanks again!

Snipeehm says:

your skill unreal am almost at that speed great job of scaling in and out

Husam Ahel says:

Can I join and benefited from this program before I am able to understand 100% which keys you used from entering to closing?

Sandy López says:

Hola Oliver, como hago para acceder a la Plataforma Fusion, es una pagina o es un programa que se descarga y se instala en el portatil. Muchas Gracias y Boom! me puedes dar esos datos, quiero operar ahora. Gracias

Anan Saad says:

Oliver, which platform and broker are you using?..Great video..

Jose Rodriguez says:

Excelente informacion nos vemos en la cima 👉💪💪

Thiago Pinheiro Martins says:

One of the best video from the serie! Boom

Erik Valdivieso says:

Thanks Oliver excellent video

Long John Silver says:

Some of the best trading I've seen, Mr. Velez without a doubt shows us a true market maker professional. Keep'm coming.

Sally Young says:

So why don't you trail bar by bar or ride the 8 train like you teach in your very high priced courses??

Jon Snow says:

Oliver, majority of us new traders have smaller account for example $1500 and there is no way we have that buying power that you do with $5 millions account. I was wondering what’s your opinion on Penny Stock? Could you ever do a small account challenges? Boom 💥👊🏻

Wabber Arruda Filho says:

You made money four times in Apple. Twice long, twice short in Just some minutes. Unbelievable!!!!

Cheznazi Samji says:

Subscribed! Looks like I have a lot to learn.

Judith Latorre Rivera says:

Me encanta! Muchas graciagracias🤗

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