Trader Checklist DVD by Timothy Sykes – My Review

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Ritch Flynn says:

Trader Checklist is fantastic. watched 5x + times… recommended ++++

kingjames del valle says:

Wats ur nationality bro?

Tom Shadrack says:

If you keep clicking the videos 4-5 times quickly you will get full screen 👍🏼👍🏼. Probably bit late now you finished but for future reference. It took me a while to work it out 🙈.

Happy wolf In the forest says:

Hey Stephen, Im also tim subscriber i was wondering does reading books about trading is neccessary.

Redah Salie says:

I hope you start making money

tom pappolla says:

You have to work harder but you also have to work smarter. If you want what other people don't have you have to do what other people don't do.

mertone77 says:


Carlos says:

have ever thought that Tim Sykes strategy might not have an edge

56v12cylinder says:

why do you live in dubai? do you have other work besides trading?

Brendan Murray says:

Its all about getting out of a group think mentality & predetermining what the crowd is going to do so you can profit off of it. The less youre "a part of the crowd" the more you can profit from stocks

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