Traders Carnival: Decoding The Two Ends Of Options Trading

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PR Sundar writes options and Chandan Taparia, a derivatives and technical analyst at Motilal Oswal, buys them. But who’s better off?

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Rama M says:

The person in the black coat makes sense but the other guy is simply speaking non sense……you can make out that he is just a media guy who must have never put his own money in the markets ever ……retailers, please do not ever buy options .it is similar to buying a lottery ticket….choice is yours …sell options with hedging is the way to go

Dhaval Gala says:

Both are doing no more than just TP…

rahul gaikwad says:

This session should be extend to 2/3 hrs …🤘legend vs legend 🤘

Puru Pant says:

Fake men begging for subscribeiton…..if he know how to earn y he depends on subscriber……..

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