Trading 1 Minute Chart Strategy

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Dear Traders & Prospectors Who Want to Learn How To Trade,

Today, as of July 29, 2017, **COMMENT SECTION HAS BEEN DISABLED** & all sales of both the Videos courses as well as the Mentorship Training Program Service has ended due to me fulfilling my 3 Month goal of helping a certain amount of people I had in mind. Those people were helped, and now they are capable of trading the market. One of the secrets to my success is that I use Paxforex as my broker ( ). The price quotes they have are perfect and ALL my methods are based on using their price quotes. They are special for 4 reasons: They DO NOT charge commissions on your trades, they HAVE ‘Segregated Accounts’ for ALL size accounts which means if they ever go bankrupt(and they never will) they CAN NOT use your funds to operate their business, thirdly…they have a 1:500 Leverage but more importantly they do NOT de-leverage you as your account gets bigger. In other words, if your account is at $5,000 with a 1:500 Leverage, they will not bring your leverage down to 1:100 just because you build your account to $200,000, and lastly their customer service is great, withdrawal is fast and deposits are fast!!


Let me tell you a small piece of my history … It was January of 1995, the internet was about 3 years old or so and everything online was text. There was no ‘dynamic html’…no ‘Flash websites’…no…and no google.

Three years before this, in 1992, I read about a man named George Soros who made $1.2 Billion Dollars in the Forex in a single day while trading the Gbp/Usd and he was on the ‘sell side’ of the market acknowledging that the Pound was going to fall. Later that year or so, he was on the front cover of Time Magazine as the ‘Man who broke the bank of England’. It wasn’t just him but other traders as well who took a whole lot of money from ‘dumb money traders’. I was amazed at his success !


At that moment, I knew I wanted to trade the market. During my first 13 years of trying to fulfill my dream of trading the market, I failed for 13 full years. I never had a winning week for 13 full years….I never had a winning month for 13 full years…and as a matter of fact, I can count on both hands the amount of days that were winning days in my first 13 full years of teaching myself !!

I told myself, ” I will do whatever it takes to succeed. I will either die or get rich trying”. Out of the 13 years of trying to teach myself, I was homeless for 12 of those 13 years. Because of my obsession, I was abandoned by friends….abandoned by family, abandoned by strangers, and hell….even abandoned by dogs & cats.

For 12 years, I lived on the streets, lived in homeless shelters, lived in abandoned houses, lived in my 1992 Toyota Corolla for 4.5 years, went to jail twice for sleeping on private property during the winter time(wet season), had over 28 different jobs I hated, and got fired from 26 out of the 28 jobs I had due to me speaking my mind about certain situations and therefore I was not a ‘good employee’.


During these 12 years of ‘trying times’ I never succeeded at my dream of trading the market. I wanted to give up thousands of times. But, then during the 14th year, I discovered something, on my own without anyone’s help, but that of myself, that kept happening in the market. During this same time, every day during my first 14 years, I went to the local library to print out 1 sheet of paper with the market on it. I studied it night and day and tried to observe, question, and figure things out for myself.

I didn’t have any books on trading, no mentor & no help from anyone ‘outside of myself’. I did everything myself. If I had questions I wrote them down and figured out the answer myself through either observations, studying the market or both. In today’s world most ‘wanna be traders’ would not do this because of ‘mental laziness’; thus coming up with every excuse to NOT succeed.


Due to my persistency things got better on my 14th year. Success was my own responsiblity and so was failure. Don’t ask for a sunny day if you don’t want to be in 104 Degree weather and don’t ask for rain if you don’t want a hurricane. Don’t ask for success if you don’t want to pay the price for it !!


The whole moral of this story is: “If you want to succeed, there will be no timetable for success, no guarantees that success will happen when you want it to, and no one is responsible for you just because you want to succeed. If you want success, you’re going t have to pay the price.


Hilton- Master Forex Trader


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