Trading 101: How Does the Stock Market Work?

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Trading 101: How Does the Stock Market Work?

Thanks to a subscriber on YouTube, I was given the suggestion to dig deep into “how” exactly the stock market works. Who is in the market? Why do people trade? How is money actually made?

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Pat Bradley says:

Great stuff man thanks for doing this !

Hamza Malik says:

thankyou i will definitely help us . but it more help for us to show this on trading platform i am super beginners too. and how and when to buy .thankyou very much

Jonathan Espinoza says:

what does it mean when the stock market closes and opens?

edssence/xzavier X.p.r rivera says:

I'm sick to my stomach.I put money in a stock and it went up and I made $12,000 in one day. I held on too long thinking it was going to keep rising and the next day it I panicked and tried to sell quick because it continued to then when I sold it back I lost $1000.I'm New to trading I wish I would of watched some of your videos before I jumped into it .I'm still recovering from that boneheaded move but I'm confident I will learn from that one.

Ryan Garritty says:

How does the increased demand for pizza shares determine the precise rise of the stock's value ? Why does it go from $5 to $8.50 ? Is it because people are bidding on the right to purchase pizza shares ?

Charlie Ryder says:

Hi Clay trader. I really appreciated this video because I didn't go to a business school and after highschool I wanted to make money so I offer though of the stock market for an easy outlet for cash either in the present or in the future. just a question though. how do you know to trust the websites and platforms used for trading stock?

Marlon Mendez says:

Thanks for both your videos. They're great.
Just a few questions:
Where can I go to discover new up-and-coming companies?
Is there a resource that would help me assess events that may affect the value of stock?


ravi teja says:

can you make a video on various attributes (like low high volume 52week)that are listed along with company name in various live stock market data reporting sites and how to analyze such attributes to make a pretty much safe and profitable investment

Orion Moor says:

Thanks for that! what's your idea of the lowest amount of money you can start with for a beginner to learn as they go along and possibly make a humble profit?

perumal pandian says:

If no one interested to buy a X company stock, and I would like to sell X companies stock… Now how does the broker matches exact buyer ? Still am i able to sell X companies stock ?

Anthony Mitchell says:

do you have to invest more than once to keep your share?

Leo Irizarry says:

Ok, I have a question that has been bothering me for a while. I'm basically just confused as to what affects the stock prices. I know that when a company brings its capital up the stock prices should also increase. It is just like the pizza as a whole. If the pizza is bigger then the slices are also bigger. But I have also heard that the stock prices go up and down because of supply and demand. I understand the concept of that, but how those that connect with the company capital? Do they both affect the stock prices at the same time or am I missing something?

AS Music says:

Are you legally allowed to trade stocks when your u18 or u16??

TheOnlineAthlete says:

so what does the broker make out of all of this

lil' striker says:

Wait if i bought a share for $5 and then incurring loss sold them at $3, then where did my $3 dollars went, i mean from my account they go to whose?

Sandra A says:

Thank you so much for your videos, they are so informative.

Jitendra Soni says:

I do have a question , as you said it is an investment made by people , suppose I buy a slice in a company A , so I made an investment in it , and than in 1 yr this company grown from $100 m to $1000m . than is there any profit to the investors like me ?
or is this something related only to sell or buy the stocks (slice).
I hope you get my question.

kyaw sithu says:

You just got yourself a new subscriber :DD

Brodie Norton says:

What is a good amount of money to gather up before investing?

Gaurav Naik says:

When a someone buys a share, how does the company benefit from it when the person is actually owning a part of the company. And yeah .. when you sell the shares you get the profit and not the company itself. So, how exactly is company benefited ?

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