Trading 4. . (hex: C5) from Pokémon Yellow to Pokémon Gold

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Read the description for more information:

The abnormal Pokémon message in Generation II prevents you from sending Pokémon that do not have the correct type (except Magnemite or Magneton), are unstable hybrid Pokémon or are over level 100.

It’s not the glitch Pokémon’s species that’s a problem, but the fact that their default type likely doesn’t match its Generation II Pokémon equivalent. There are no less than eight glitch Pokémon where their default type is the same as their Generation II Pokémon equivalent’s default type.

With the Ditto glitch you can get a glitch Pokémon with its default type (in memory). There is one you can trade and this is 4. . (hex:C5) in Pokémon Yellow. 4. . is a Water type, and so is its equivalent is Totodile, so you can trade it.

If you change a Generation I glitch Pokémon’s types to match its Generation II Pokémon equivalent (likely possible with 8F or ws m) then you can trade more glitch Pokémon over to Generation II.

For example, Missingno. hex:50 is Remoraid in Gold/Silver, so you need to make its types Water/Water (technically a single type Water) to make it tradeable.

Thanks a lot to Hacky for teaching me more about how ‘abnormal’ Pokémon work and making a list of tradeable glitch Pokémon with a default type that matches its Generation II Pokémon.,6985.msg195948.html#msg195948


Alex Feliccia says:

I just thought of something. IF a charzarid/moltres family glitch pokemon had the same id as ho-oh would it be able to be traded forward?

ChickasaurusGL says:

@ K Tup: TGB Dual.

alex hearley says:

I  have the Gameboy Advanced Link Cable
If i had 2 Gameboy SP's
Could i trade between the 2 gameboys using only the original gold / silver / crystal?
If not what is it that i need?

Please anybody that could help me that would be wonderful thank you

erggrerg says:

What's a Gold Leaf?

Micayla Neal says:

The Gold version thinks 4.. is Totodile because they have the same hexadecimal identifier;C5.

Sergyo Rubio Game says:

this is awesome!! :O

Pesthuf says:

Would this allow your to send a m or 3trainerpoké if you changed the types to whatever matches the generation 2 types of slot 0?

Shamazya says:

And Gold is just thinking 'What an odd way to spell "Totodile."'

Riccardo Boninsegna says:

As Mr. Pokemon said: every day a new discovery…

Pesthuf says:

Why do the games waste precious 2 precious bytes per pokemon for saving the type anyway?
The game could easily look up the type via the pokemon base data, couldn't it?

Maybe it's for when the pokemon changes its type in combat via Transform or Conversion, but even then it would be easier to use different bytes that hold both currently active pokemon's temporary types only while in combat.

Sergio   says:

How did you get "Totodile" in Pokemon Yellow?

Sabrina Stevens (ElectricCrystal25) says:

What music is that??

OK says:

Every time you upload a video it gives me a notification but no other video maker does that o.0 

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