Trading as a Timothy Sykes Challenge Student Month 1 Week 4

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Ricky Vaughn says:

Mightysoreass and Lickalotapuss theres a couple dinosaurs for ya.

Suby says:


Just_Heaven says:


Toxik Prophet says:

Aey mane awesome video. Great to see more of Tims people breaking comissions. I do not trade yet I am in phase of saving money to be able to trade. I just realized from one another video on youtube how you can break comissions in long term. Easy math: 100 x 1,05 = 105, but 105 x 1,05 = 110,25 ! I know this for some time, but now Ive really seen for whats its useful) Its all about knowledge coming together.. Take care!

Gareth Kostolefsky says:

Tacosaurus lol Great video man! Keep it up.

Jas Man ZN says:

yo subbed man great vid and congrats keep it up man looking to start trading live myself very soon

Rime Guevara says:

Congrats man just saw you mentioned by Tim. I am a beginner so I am also studying and working hard on this. Subscribed! Ps pterodactyl

ynoter1 says:

Whats the trading platform you used in the video?

J- Billions says:

Giving you great props for sticking in there. I am going to be on the same journey, and I am expecting to lose for awhile up front, but it seems natural for any new trader to find their groove. Thanks for the updates!

Aji Mon Nair says:

Hi Stephen, what kind of sizes are you taking on each trade? whats your risk management ?

Frank Hernandez says:

Those are some big drawdowns anithing over 10% is to much of a drawdown looks like your taking way to much risk to earn cents on the dollar.

Lloyd B says:


study study study man that's the ONLY way to success. Good luck with Nov week 4 man…

Andrew Cruz says:

pterodactyl!!! Love your video's and will always be there to support you. Together, we'll all get to 1 million someday with hard work and dedication

john2john25 says:

Ankylosaurus……? keep going bro. all your hard work is starting to pay off. excited to see what you do in 2017

BigShag15 says:

your adding money into the account so obviously the % of your account being lost will decrease unless you lose more then the amount you adding

Kap Zerone says:


Rodriguez Stark says:

B B, bbecause the fact that we hhhad dinosaurs walking around on the earth must mean I have to be able to be profitable at trading.. (ok? Wtf dude?)

mertone77 says:

Nice chair man! Like a boss!! 🙂 Really cool how fast you're turning towards the "right" way = being profitable… it really motivates me to get going! if i remember the name right: BRONTOSAURUS…. 🙂

Russell Lee says:

tim is god !!!

Eric Hughes says:

put your collar back to normal too nobody pops their collar anymore

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