Trading as a Timothy Sykes Challenge Student Month 1

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Investor888 says:

Have you been successful using Tim Sykes trading techniques?

ElPaisa says:

I think you could be my next "Inverse Guru".

Laurents Martens says:

I will stephen. I like your videos and the possitive vibe you have. You know whats best for you. I love that you believe. I hope its in the strategy and not the man that sells it.

Little sad I didn't convince you to use papertrading. I'm doing it, allthough I'm taking alot of profits, still want to be sure i have a winning strategy.

I'm learning trendfollowing and buying breakouts atm.
stt2318 on twitter has awesome charts. He posts them before the breakout happens for free.
Not subcribing to his monthly system untill I'm sure. It's more of a swingtrading system but it happens to be a daytrade if you take profits sooner ofc.
Trying first to learn as much I can for free.
losing is alittle bit harder on us here in Belgium. aside the brokercosts we need to pay 0,30% transaction taxes.
0.30% tax on buying plus brokercosts. and the same on selling. we are down allready 1 % entering a trade.

You don't have transaction taxes I assume where you live?

Laurents Martens says:

You keep saying you are learning so much. You purchased the normal chat and alerts on profitly (timothy sykes). It didn't work out after 5 months for you. Now you went a step further en bought the trading challenge of 6000 $. You are learning sooo much but still, it doesn't seem to happen. And i believe you when you say you study hard, but after 6 months, so much effort I really think it should have worked out. maybe pennystocks is't the way to go mate.
I'm not saying Timothy sykes is a scam, but from day one you are blind and you don't even question him. your believe is a little to high sorry to say. And if I was you (wich I really don't want to be atm if your losing that much) I would start with papertrading untill you see youre self becoming proffitable.

Trade the paperaccount like it's your own money and with the same amount you would youse if it was for real.

Penny stocks are allready so riqky so trade charts wich do have a history.
History repeats, most important lesson!

A positive note: you cut your losses quickly, wich you have learned well 🙂

I say this this with most respect 😉

ps: I remember Timothy sykes saying "you need to be able to go both ways, long and short. Really his exact words. I'm not subcribed on his products btw.
and in one of his free video's he says, don't chase. I see you do that even after you bought the millionairs challenge. that wasn't buying (predicting) a break out in my honest opinion. that was chasing.

Again, with the most respect 😉


M- says:

Great videos bro! That first trade had a perfect setup! Flag was strong

Emanuel94 says:

Why you don't use etrade or interactiv brokers ?

thywhiterose says:

What's going on Stephen? I'm currently doing the homework assignments before my interview. Would it be alright if I messaged you my contact info, and connect with you?

Ethan Gordon says:

Hey man, you should be a comedian or be a blogger or something instead.

Lloyd B says:

So now that you are in the Sykes circle isn't the goal to make profit using his alerts and trading chat? Isn't that what he runs? a follow me type chat room?
Trading success DOES require time and lots of it, I have said before when I first started out in Options I did 18hr days 7 days a week for about the first 3 years as I taught myself. I still do lots of hours per week because I love it. I LOVE TRADING.
I had to come back and say though…. OPTIONS….Risky… they have risk yes but every trading vessel is risky BUT have you NOT SEEN my videos where I show you no matter whether the stock goes UP DOWN or SIDEWAYS I make max profit…. Yes you can still blow up an account, I've blown about 4 when I started, you can blow up accounts no matter what you trade, Stocks, FX, Options, Binary Options (a scam), Futures, CFD's they will all have stories of people blowing up accounts.
Take a look at how much of a stock range the stock can be in for me to make max profit. Trading stock is 50/50 some of my trades easily get into +90% probability and that is the difference that makes Options better.Trades this week…

FB earnings and AMZN earnings trades explained – 
18 hours till the markets open… yay behave man

Zeus says:

Keep UP the good work ! Keep bringing new sheeps so we can profit from them. HAHAHA. I'm making good many from affiliating too 😉

Dirk Vanbeveren says:

No man, what you're doing is really great. You give a great idea of what it all looks like and how it goes when you start.
It's not about being a guru, what matters is the path you take.

Great vids, keep going !

mertone77 says:

KEEPING IT REAL!! Stephen you're the MAN!! ha ha ha dancing with a plant… ha ha ha that killed me! As always a very interesting video. If you have time i'd appreciate more info what it's like being a challenge student. I myself also try to squeeze in study time in my daily schedule. I have the luxury of working from home! Keep up the good work buddy and keep them videos coming!

Mat Abraham says:

Stephen, I admire your perseverance to make this work and your courage to be honest about your losses. Its easy to brag about victories it takes a lot to acknowledge shortfalls. Good on you man. I recently started the Challenge too, no prior experience either,( but it is tough, I live in EST so I'm working during market hours, I like your set up better work in the day practice and trade in the eve.) Definitely one thing, about the Tim Sykes programs is the amount of content he publishes…massive, lots to study.

KrissHermus says:

Love your optimism!!! Been studying for a few months now. Hardest part for me is the psychological part, especially when I see a trade going the wrong way. Always been right about the pattern, but have big losses and small wins. Cut losses quickly is still hard for me, but I'm staying in the game! Awesome videos man!!! Keep them coming!!!

Miles Harding says:

K I'll cya l8r

trkoby says:

I lost 600$ yesterday and $3900 lost for the week. I started trading wreckless when I had screaming wtf loss moments

trkoby says:

Are you buying CEMP at market open Monday?

James Mace says:

Just keep going man I'm going to be subscribed the hole way, it's expensive signing up to the millionaire challenge but I hope to do it asap just keep your videos coming bro your doing good so far can't wait to see you after your first huge profit lol

usmaan ali says:

Share out the DVDs lmao

Lloyd B says:

keep dancing with her late at night and she won't leaf you alone

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