Trading Bitcoin – $7,500 Broken, Is It Another Dead Cat Bounce?

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Close by @ToneVays
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liquidFOLDERS says:

The daily chart beautifully respects the SAR so far.

logans run says:

Best hair cut yet.

fatBoy says:

no one talks about bitcoin adoption the lightning network etc anymore
not sure what to expect for the future of btc tbh

doopy noo says:

I feel like I'm always taking this guys money and all the schmucktards that follow this crap system of giving all your money away. Don't get me wrong I'll take it…

Hoos says:

Tone you are awesome!

Crypto Mom Still Standing says:

I like your look with hair better but my pa always said that the higher the forehead the smarter the man Hahaha- he was very bald!

Manufacturing Consumers says:

Thanx Tone.

Power To The People says:

richard heart owned you on every topic…….bitcoin "influencer" are you?……..only for beginners who believe your rubbish. You'll be exposed soon, the same as Suppoman

alex mazal- nirexpress123 says:

Cool. Home sweet home.

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