Trading Bitcoin – New All Time Again! Now What?

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lesovaj says:

Thank you for your vids dude; you rock!

Jonathan Cursi says:

Speaking of new apps that improve adoption, check out the Cheddur app ( It’s a personal guide to digital currency, beginner friendly. Post reviews and addresses for any coin!

Cheekyb says:

Couldn’t agree more on the Thanksgiving table discussion. Made me chuckle. Let’s hope a year from now we can still be proudly silent.

Freddie Brookes-Smith says:

With all this knowledge how are you not rolling in cash, living in a huge house and drinking Dom Perignon?

Johnny says:

Tone, I don't understand how can you be trading derivatives and talk shit about altcoins? Derivatives are worst than worst shitcoins!

Andreas says:

Am I the only one who accualy believe bitcoin will reach 1,000,000 usd per coin within 2025 and be the new currency to compete with usd and euro? I just dont see how anyone can stop bitcoin in reaching it and it will go fast when all investors starts investing the big money I think.

Rossawan P. says:

Tone, thanks for your effort to educate us. It would help if you start numbering your trading bitcoin videos like you did with the last set. I thought that was clever.

Hamzaa Hh says:

Look at this dude 😂😂

Pamela garcia liceaga damián says:

Instead of Exchanges what is advisable to use to save bitcoins? Thanks

João Pinto says:

This is to messy for me, I'll just Hodl

Dimitris Milionis says:

Check Out || Follow || Watch an Item || Just Buy #Bitcoin #Art  Don't you want to Buy a #Print for your Wall and Smile All Day!

Zero Thehero says:

Just my opinion. More and more people are peaking their curiosity in Bitcoin in general and in an opinionated manner . I have been observing the emotions of the masses in public interactions and interactions on the web. I've noticed a pattern.. 6 months ago, most people would brush Bitcoin off and have no interest in truly thinking about it. Now i have seen more and more of all social interactions being less timid about the Bitcoin subject. Interest is growing. I have been getting more and more questions about what is Bitcoin. As more and more content starts to accumulate and more and more word of mouth talk starts to increase, we will see the wave form. It is just at a slow train pace in my opinion. The train is definitely on the move though. I believe in this speculation, because it is what i've always come to experience in my life. When i try to explain new advancements to these social sources, i would get the same response.. first brushed off from doubt of the subject. Then more and more content on the subject accumulates. Increases the exposure of the masses. Then i have people telling me about a subject, totally forgetting i had been brushed off in the past for the same subject matter. I am seeing the same patterns in Bitcoin. After all i found Bitcoin because it was a advancement in technology. So based off experience, i believe the awakening of Bitcoin is coming. I think it would be harder to make this observation in this way, if i had been involved more years ago, instead of early this year. The real attention to Bitcoin is coming. I however don't really know how the CME Group will affect this upcoming adoption. Plus i haven't heard anyone mention yearly income tax being a factor. Income tax might increase the number of people involved. At what scale either of these factors will adjust my observations, i am still waiting on that data. Will be very interesting. Just buy your family some Bitcoin for Christmas. lol The best way to get adoption going in a positive way, would be to give people some Bitcoin, so they can participate. If Bitcoin is being considered a product, it will soon be treated more so.

Ray Le Roux says:

You just doxxed someone, I can read lips. 😛

Tony Smith says:

Candle shmandle. You can’t predict the future looking at the past. If you’re hodling long term it doesn’t matter when you buy or what candle is red or green. Just buy and hold!

hamster in the machine says:

Roger Ver and Falkvinge all over RT talking Bitcoin Cash. Fuck them!

Albert smit says:

upside for two more weeks you say, then i have to sell, just did for 8.137 bucks.

Jack Gooch says:

Fuck Roger Ver. I sent a transaction over 12 days ago with a 226 satoshi per byte fee and its still unconfirmed -.-

dirkzomartirqkar45497 says:

dat sexy haircut

gosh brown says:

i make about 3-5% daily
some bonuses inside

Gentry Weston says:

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